Larry Craig

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Larry Craig's 'Wide Stance' Just Cost Him $242K

Former senator fined for improperly using campaign funds as legal funds

(Newser) - Ever feel like today's Senate scandals are missing a little je ne sais quoi ? Get ready to rock it like it's 2007 in a men's bathroom stall in the Minneapolis airport, because Larry Craig and his wide stance are back on the scene. As Roll Call... More »

Daily Show Tricks Larry Craig

Ex-senator goes on and on about 'perks' of the job

(Newser) - Larry Craig was so convinced he wouldn’t be discussing “the past” during his appearance on last night’s Daily Show, he had a former member of his staff send around an email saying just that. The appearance, part of a segment on retired senators, was supposed to be... More »

Juiciest Political Sex Scandals

Lovechildren, gay affairs, and hookers, oh my!

(Newser) - From Eliot Spitzer’s $80,000 worth of prostitute action to Mark Sanford “hiking the Appalachian trail,” this decade has been ripe with political sex scandals. The Frisky picks the juiciest. Some of the slightly-lesser-discussed affairs:
  • Mike Duvall: A self-described “family values warrior” in the California State
... More »

Top Public Mea Culpas

Not surprisingly, Bill Clinton is king of the list

(Newser) - David Letterman’s acknowledgement yesterday of some skeletons in his closet is only the latest caught by television’s unforgiving lens; Lisa Todorovich runs down her faves on True/Slant:
  • Bill Clinton: The Democratic candidate, with wife Hillary alongside, cops to “mistakes in my marriage in a 1992 interview with
... More »

Burris Camp Returns to Race Card

Ill. senator hopes to box in white Dems for 2010 campaign

(Newser) - Roland Burris doesn’t have much support in Washington or money in his war chest for a reelection bid, but he retains one reliable weapon, Politico reports: the race card. As controversy over his appointment has reemerged, Burris hasn’t hesitated to chalk it up to racial politics. A Burris... More »

Craig Won't Appeal to Minn. High Court in Sex Sting

Lawyers say state's top court would likely pass on reviewing former senator's case

(Newser) - The deadline for appealing his case to the Minnesota Supreme Court passes today, and Larry Craig will not seek a review, Fox affiliate KMSP-TV reports. The former Idaho senator was arrested last year in a Minneapolis airport sex sting, and sought to void his conviction. An appeals court ruled against... More »

Craig's Plea Withdrawal Denied

Guilty plea stands. Widely.

(Newser) - Larry Craig’s guilty plea will stand—probably with a wide stance—a Minnesota appeals court ruled today, rejecting the Idaho Republican's attempt to withdraw it. Craig, who is retiring from the Senate, had argued that his case was not fully investigated, while his lawyer maintained that there was “... More »

Craig Pushes to Withdraw Guilty Plea

Senator skips court hearing, which centers on mail-in document

(Newser) - Larry Craig's lawyers asked a state appeals court today to allow him to withdraw his guilty plea to disorderly conduct charges. The prosecutor argued that the senator, who did not appear today, waived his right to a trial by using a mail-in form to enter a plea after being busted... More »

Edwards 'Love Child' Story Shows Press Double Standard

Media are hypocrites about hypocrisy

(Newser) - The press jumped all over Larry Craig’s bathroom dalliance not because he was gay, it was claimed, but because he was a hypocrite with an anti-gay voting record. But no one is piling on John Edwards, whom the National Enquirer says it caught visiting his mistress and love child... More »

The World's Least Sexy Lads

(Newser) - It takes more than comb-overs and beer bellies to make the world's 100 unsexiest men list. The Boston Phoenix factors behavior into its list of oh-so-fugly gents. A peek at who snagged the top (dis)honors:
  1. Roger Clemens: baseball (and steroid?) star.
  2. Spencer Pratt: Heidi's smarmy boyfriend on The Hills.
  3. Larry
... More »

Thank You, Sex Scandal!

German scribe salutes Spitzer, Craig for pulling towel off prudish Americans

(Newser) - Here's to the US sex scandal! Eliot Spitzer and Larry Craig make American politicians seem almost human, Gabor Steingart writes in Der Spiegel. He claims that prudish Americans are fueled by secret lust—"and, in the case of some politicians, naked lunacy." Which makes public shame "an... More »

Senate Scolds Craig Over Bathroom Sting

Ethics panel says he 'discredited' the chamber with scandal

(Newser) - The Senate Ethics Committee had stern words for embattled Idaho Sen. Larry Craig today, issuing a "letter of admonition" that rebukes him for his arrest in a Minneapolis airport sex sting last June. The letter accuses Craig of committing actions that reflected "discreditably on the Senate," CNN... More »

4 Men Detail Encounters With Craig

Mike Jones, who outed Haggard, says Craig also paid him for sex

(Newser) - The man who exposed his sexual relationship with evangelist Ted Haggard is now among four men claiming sexual encounters with Larry Craig, the Idaho Statesman reports. Mike Jones, who published a tell-all of his relationship with Haggard, says Craig paid him $200 for sex, while an IT consultant claims the... More »

Gay Groups Want Craig Probe Halted

Citing Vitter, activists see ‘homophobic’ double standard

(Newser) - Prominent gay rights groups are calling on the Senate Ethics Committee to drop its sexual misconduct probe of Larry Craig, calling the panel’s focus on the senator’s case—combined with the lack of focus on David Vitter’s—“hypocrisy tinged by homophobia.” The two groups say... More »

Why Couldn’t Rowling Just Let Dumbledore Be?

'Pathetic' closeted wizard does nothing for equality, writer argues

(Newser) - The outed Dumbledore is loveless and pathetic, says Time’s John Cloud. He sees no progress for gay equality in JK Rowling's revelation, but rather a role model as problematic as Larry Craig. Shouldn’t the writer be happy with the news about Harry Potter’s heroic mentor? “Yes,... More »

Craig to Appeal Guilty Plea

'It is my right to do what I'm doing,' embattled senator says

(Newser) - Larry Craig will today appeal a Minnesota judge's ruling that he can't withdraw his guilty plea for disorderly conduct, the AP reports. And he won't resign: “It is my right to do what I’m doing,” Craig told KTVB-TV yesterday. "I'm not running for re-election. I'm no... More »

Craig: The Apple of Idaho's Eye?

State hall of fame will induct senator despite protest from local GOP

(Newser) - The kerfuffle over Larry Craig's arrest and guilty plea won't keep him from entering the Idaho Hall of Fame next weekend, over the protest of local Republicans. "Maybe in 10 or 15 years we can think of this hall of fame stuff. Now is not the time," says... More »

GOP Lashes Out at Craig Over Decision to Stay

Republican lawmakers consider Idaho senator an embarrassment

(Newser) - The GOP is an uproar after Larry Craig announced yesterday that he will serve out his term, CNN reports. Some are criticizing the Idaho senator's decision because it will be a distraction from more pressing issues; others denounce Craig's behavior outright. "It's embarrassing for the Senate. It's embarrassing for... More »

Craig Won't Resign After All

A judge ruled the senator could not withdraw his admission

(Newser) - Despite a Minnesota judge's ruling that he can't withdraw his guilty plea in the bathroom sex sting last spring, Idaho Sen. Larry Craig announced this afternoon that he would not, after all, resign his Senate seat. Craig said he had concluded, in the three weeks he's been back on the... More »

Craig Can't Rescind Guilty Plea

Judge denies Idaho senator's request

(Newser) - A Minnesota judge today rejected Sen. Larry Craig's attempt to rescind his guilty plea in a June men's bathroom sex sting, saying it had been entered "accurately, voluntarily, and intelligently," CNN reports. There was no immediate response from the Idaho Republican, who had said he would resign if... More »

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