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Court Orders Non-Muslims: Don't Say 'Allah'

The word is specific to Islam, Malaysia newspaper can't use it

(Newser) - A Catholic newspaper in Malaysia is no longer allowed to use the word "Allah" when referring to God, a court ruled today in a unanimous decision that overturns a 2009 ruling, with the court finding that the publisher's constitutional rights were not infringed. The government had argued the... More »

Malaysia Cancels Concert Over Erykah Badu's Tattoo

'Allah' tattoo offends Muslim officials

(Newser) - Erykah Badu's Malaysia concert has been canceled, and it's all thanks to the singer's tattoo. A newspaper photo revealed that Badu has the Arabic word for "Allah" inked on her upper body; officials called it "an insult to Islam" and canceled tomorrow's planned performance... More »

Tea Party Leader: Allah Is 'Monkey God'

(Newser) - A prominent Tea Party leader has lashed out at the proposed construction of a mosque near Ground Zero, calling Allah a "monkey-god." On his blog, Mark Williams, chairman of the Tea Party Express, called the planned mosque and cultural center a monument to 9/11 terrorists "for the... More »

US Apologizes For Insensitive Soccer Balls

Afghans don't like prophet's name being kicked around

(Newser) - The US military apologized to Afghans today for soccer balls it distributed to young Muslim Beckhams in “good will.” The balls sported the Saudi flag, which carries the Islamic declaration of faith—including the names of Allah and Muhammad. An Afghan governor said villagers wanted to demonstrate against... More »

4 Stories