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Cops Stopped Lifeguards From Saving Drowning Man: Lawsuit

The man was trying to drown himself during a bipolar episode, he says

(Newser) - A man who says he tried to commit suicide by drowning himself during a bipolar episode is suing police in Virginia over claims they stood by as the life drained out of him. The suit filed by Polish national Mateusz Fijalkowski in Virginia alleges that Fairfax County police actually held... More »

Va. Manhunt Ends After 9 Hours—on DC Bus

Wossen Assaye was described as 'dangerous' after fleeing Fairfax hospital

(Newser) - Police have nabbed the prisoner who broke out of a hospital in northern Virginia this morning, barefoot and clad only in a hospital gown, after a nine-hour manhunt that put Inova Fairfax Hospital on lockdown. Wossen Assaye was apprehended near DC's Pennsylvania Avenue, reports NBC Washington, and the man... More »

GOP Targets Suburbs for 2010

Hopes malaise over health care, national debt will help win them back

(Newser) - Republicans are convinced that the road to a takeover of the House is lined with white picket fences. Suburbia is the key to the 2010 elections, strategists from both parties tell the Wall Street Journal . An influx of minorities and the college educated—both groups that lean left—has shaded... More »

Va. Tech Never Knew of Shooter's Disorder

Cho was exposed to ridicule for condition

(Newser) - Fairfax County school officials knew that the outcast student who shot dead 32 people at Virginia Tech had selective mutism, a serious social anxiety disorder that prevented him from speaking in many situations. But federal privacy laws blocked disclosure of that information to Virginia Tech, reports the Washington Post More »

4 Stories