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Disney Driving Experience Turns Deadly

Customer lost control of Lamborghini

(Newser) - The Exotic Driving Experience at Walt Disney World in Orlando turned deadly when a driver lost control of a Lamborghini and crashed into a guardrail, the Florida Highway Patrol says. Passenger Gary Terry, the operations manager at the track, was pronounced dead at the scene yesterday afternoon and the 24-year-old... More »

Teenager Dies Taking Lamborghini for Test Drive

Samuel Shepard was taking a family friend's car for a spin

(Newser) - An 18-year-old died yesterday on Long Island, New York, when he took a Lamborghini for a spin and crashed it into a guardrail, Fox News reports. The car belonged to a family friend who'd let Samuel Shepard take it for a spontaneous "test drive." "I think... More »

North, Kanye Have Matching Lamborghinis

Hers is much smaller, but it's a Lambo-riffic garage

(Newser) - What does one get for the 6-month-old who has everything (except, perhaps, stable parents )? The answer, in the case of the directionally dominant North West, is apparently a tiny Lamborghini to match that of dad Kanye West, reports E! Online . Mom Kim Kardashian posted a photo of her Lambo-clogged... More »

Fire Risk Prompts Lamborghini Recall

About 1.5K Gallardo models at risk

(Newser) - Bad news for the 1%: Italian automaker Lamborghini is recalling some Gallardo models because power steering fluid can leak and catch fire. The recall affects about 1,500 Gallardo Coupe and Spyder autos, from model years 2004 to 2006. The cars start at about $200,000, so chances are you... More »

Bizarre Twist Leads Cops to Guy Fieri's Car, a Year Later

Lamborghini found inside teen's storage locker outside SF

(Newser) - Guy Fieri's $200,000 Lamborghini has been found, more than a year after it was stolen , and the story is quite something. Police found the yellow Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder on Saturday inside a storage locker rented by a 17-year-old boy, but their search of the storage locker had nothing... More »

Man Crashes $380K Car 6 Hours After Winning It

David Dopp says he'll be more careful next time

(Newser) - A Utah contest winner received a $380,000 Lamborghini Murcielago last Saturday … and promptly crashed it six hours later. "Yeah, I got it on Saturday and I wrecked it on Saturday," David Dopp tells . Dopp had entered a "Joe Schmo to Lambo" contest organized... More »

Chain-Reaction Crash Triggers Priciest Pileup Ever

8 Ferraris, 3 Mercedes, a Lamborghini Diablo turned into scrap

(Newser) - A chain-reaction crash of some of the priciest driving machines in Japan triggered the most expensive pileup in car-wreck history. Millions of dollars of luxe metal were crumpled when eight Ferraris, three Mercedes Benzes, and a Lamborghini Diablo slammed into one another on the Chugoku Expressway in southwestern Japan yesterday... More »

Disney World's New Ride: Luxury Speedsters

Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, and more coming to speedway

(Newser) - From the Pirates of the Caribbean to the Ferraris of Florida—one ride at Disney World will get a lot more horsepower in January. The park plans to add "exotic driving" to its repertoire, reports the Orlando Sentinel . Along with two Ferraris (which go from zero to 60 in... More »

$200K Car Stolen From Celeb Chef

Brazen thief makes off with Guy Fieri's Lamborghini

(Newser) - Police in San Francisco are hunting a thief who used climbing gear to break into a swanky car dealership and steal one of the city's most distinctive cars. The bright yellow Lamborghini Gallardo was the property of celebrity chef Guy Fieri, host of Minute to Win It and Diners, Drive-ins ... More »

Drunken Tycoon Loses $200K Lamborghini

Jury acquits him of insurance fraud

(Newser) - A jury yesterday acquitted real estate tycoon Glenn Knowles of insurance fraud, accepting his story that he’d become so drunk that he forgot where he parked his Lamborghini. When he wasn’t able to find it after an extensive search, he and co-owner Richard Mont reported it stolen, and... More »

How Nicolas Cage Really Went Broke

Actor 'spent money like it was water,' friends say

(Newser) - Nicolas Cage’s money woes aren’t all his money manager’s fault. Cage “lived like a sheik,” a friend tells the Daily Beast . “Spent money like it was water.” Here’s a sample of what he spent it on:
  • More than a dozen homes, including
... More »

Luxury Car Sales Hit the Skids

Shine wears off top end of auto market as downturn bites

(Newser) - Sales of luxury cars are dropping as fast as their downmarket counterparts, the Wall Street Journal reports. Sales of top-end vehicles plunged 30% last month, spelling major trouble for carmakers who had been relying on fat profit margins on luxury cars to offset falling demand for mass-markets vehicles. Analysts... More »

Car Lovers Pay $5K for a Spin

140-mph ride is too much for one: 'I tossed my cookies,' he said

(Newser) - Car nuts are flying to Los Angeles and coughing up nearly $5,000 to drive a Porsche 997 Turbo. Why the numbing bill? Because Supercar Life, a fantasy camp, lets motorists spend all day driving a host of pricey cars at outrageous speeds. For many, the 140-mph thrill ride is... More »

How to Be Middle-Class Rich

You don't have to have über-big bucks to spend like you do

(Newser) - Middle-class millionaires are carving out a luxe lifestyle to define their 16.5-million strong group, Forbes reports. And while the $1 million to $10 million stashed in the bank doesn’t make them all that rich, that doesn't put much of a dent in lavish spending habits:
  1. Mega-home improvements, to
... More »

Bears' Briggs Charged in Car Crash

LB left accident scene after wrecking $350K Lamborghini: cops

(Newser) - Bears linebacker Lance Briggs has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident after police found a wrecked and abandoned 2007 Lamborghini Murcielago yesterday on an Illinois highway. Briggs, 26, admitted he abandoned the car, posted $100 bond, and will appear in court in October to face the misdemeanor... More »

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