Miss South Carolina

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Keyboard Cat: Web's Swine Flu

(Newser) - While swine flu sweeps the world, a YouTube meme is sweeping the Web with nearly equal virulence, Butter Team blogger Z reports: Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat. Amateur video artists splice fail-type situations—guy falling down escalator, Miss South Carolina—with a clip of a keyboard-playing cat, and the kitty... More »

'US Americans' Love Videos

Internet phenomenon scores big in 2007

(Newser) - With small-screen stars ranging from ditzy beauty queens to potty-mouthed pint-sized landlords, Americans increasingly gathered around the YouTube watercooler in 2007. They racked up 100 billion views on various video sites, ABC News reports. Cultural commentators liken the phenomenon to cavemen swapping tall tales around campfires, but 78% of us... More »

Teen Contestant All Over Map in Geo Gaffe

Miss SC explains rambling response to 'US Americans'

(Newser) - Miss South Carolina Teen USA will have a second crack at answering the question that made her an internet laughing stock. Asked why some Americans cannot locate the US on a map, she launched into a rambling response, referring to  “US Americans," South Africa and “the Iraq.... More »

3 Stories