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Beer Pong Video Could Sink Infamous 'Affluenza' Teen

Teen whose wealth helped him avoid prison could be violating his probation

(Newser) - The Texas teen who famously cited "affluenza" in a successful bid to skirt prison time after killing four people in a drunk driving crash is once again facing possible incarceration, after a 6-second video allegedly showing him playing beer pong surfaced on Twitter this week. The tweet from @BlondeSpectre... More »

Argument Over Beer Pong Rules Ends in Teen's Death

Witness says disagreement led to fight, then gunshots in Texas

(Newser) - A 19-year-old woman in Texas lost her life over a dispute about beer pong, a witness tells the Eagle of College Station. The fatal shooting of Lacie LaRose took place last month at a graduation party, when about two dozen people were playing beer pong in a garage about 1am.... More »

Beer Pong Balls Teeming With Germs

Clemson students uncover the gross truth

(Newser) - It turns out that college kids aren’t the only party animals that show up for games of beer pong: Bacteria such as salmonella, listeria, staph, and e. Coli get in on the fun, too. Those are the findings from a group of Clemson University students who studied the pingpong... More »

Obama Staffers Take It Off in Georgetown Bar

...and insist they weren't playing beer pong

(Newser) - What should we think after White House staffers Tommy Vietor and Jon Favreau were photographed shirtless hanging out with friends in a Georgetown bar last weekend? According to conservative bloggers, the pic exposes the Obama staff as a bunch of frat boys playing beer pong in the midst of a... More »

Surf City May Ban Beer Pong

Huntington Beach, California, considers total block on drinking games

(Newser) - Huntington Beach, Calif.—aka Surf City—is considering a total ban on drinking games, beer pong chief among them, at city establishments. The police chief, who says they're "not consistent with maintaining public safety in the city," has outlawed them at existing restaurants, and the city council... More »

Wii Caught Up in Beer Pong Brouhaha

Parents' outcry forces video game to change name, sub in water

(Newser) - The video game version of frat-boy favorite beer pong is getting watered down, Time reports. An outcry from parents concerned about youthful binge-drinking has forced JV Games to change the name of its new Wii release to Pong Toss—and to swap the virtual beer in the game's cups to... More »

Start-ups Tap the Passion for Beer Pong

Young alums find business opportunity in college drinking game

(Newser) - Weaving along the path more famously trod by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, recent grads are cashing in on the popularity of the college drinking game beer pong, the Journal reports. With young alums bringing the pastime—which blends ping-pong and beer chugging—out into the real world, entrepreneurs are... More »

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