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Video Shows Cops Mistakenly Shooting 6-Year-Old Boy

'I never saw a kid in the car'

(Newser) - New body cam footage shows the moment two marshals in Marksville, Louisiana, realize they accidentally killed 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis. The marshals, 32-year-old Derrick Stafford and 23-year-old Norris Greenhouse, each face one count of murder and attempted murder. The body cam footage, which CNN says came from a separate officer, was... More »

Louisiana Stalls Execution to Study New Drug Cocktail

State wants to use combo that caused slow Ohio death

(Newser) - A last-minute switch of lethal-injection drugs has delayed Louisiana's first execution since 2010. Child killer Christopher Sepulvado was scheduled to die tomorrow but was granted a 90-day stay after the state confirmed it could not obtain the barbiturate pentobarbital, reports the Times-Picayune . The state plans to use a mixture... More »

200-Teen Brawl Shuts Down Louisiana Mall

Social media 'meet and greet' becomes meet and beat

(Newser) - A battle royale in Baton Rouge caused a stampede and forced the Mall of Louisiana to close early on Saturday night. Police say up to 200 teens who showed up for a "meet and greet" organized via Instagram instead ended up brawling in the food court and outside the... More »

Monks Fight for Right to Sell Caskets

Monastery heads to court against state of Louisiana

(Newser) - A group of monks in Louisiana is heading to federal appeals court in a battle against the state. The monks want the right to sell their handcrafted caskets, but the state has demanded they cease and desist because of regulations regarding "funeral merchandise"—which the monks say were... More »

Lone Survivor: Drowning Victims Died 'Trying to Save Me'

Victims went under, one by one

(Newser) - The lone survivor of Monday's horrific multiple drowning in Shreveport, Louisiana, says the seven teenage victims were trying to save him. "It felt like the ground fell and the water was pulling me under," 15-year-old DeKendrix Warner tells the Shreveport Times . "I started yelling for help, and... More »

States Demand Ultrasounds to Curb Abortion

20 states encourage or mandate procedure

(Newser) - The latest weapon in the battle over abortion : Ultrasounds. Backed by anti-abortion groups who believe sonograms can stop women from aborting, 20 states have passed laws that require or encourage abortion providers to conduct the procedure, reports the New York Times . Ultrasounds are already mandatory in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi,... More »

Jindal Slams Anti-Mixed Marriage Judge

Governor calls for firing of Louisiana justice who denied couple marriage license

(Newser) - Gov. Bobby Jindal and other Louisiana officials say a justice of the peace who refuses to marry interracial couples should lose his job. "This is a clear violation of constitutional rights and federal and state law," Jindal said, calling for Keith Bardwell's case to be referred to a... More »

Jury Stuck on Britney's State

Traffic trial hinges on whether star counts as Californian or Louisianan

(Newser) - The jury in Britney Spear's traffic trial couldn't reach a verdict yesterday and has retired for the weekend to ponder whether the LA resident counts as a California girl, the Los Angeles Times reports. Spears' lawyer argues the singer, charged with driving without a valid California license, doesn't need one... More »

Gustav Remains Dangerous, Jindal Warns

New Orleans residents shouldn't return yet, mayor cautions

(Newser) - Hurricane Gustav is a tropical depression once more but it is still a “very serious storm,” Gov. Bobby Jindal said today. “We're not quite at halftime,” he cautioned, noting the massive power outages, tornadoes, and heavy rains plaguing the state. “There is a lot, lot... More »

How Jindal Traded Vishnu for Jesus

Hindu-born La. governor's conversion could help McCain

(Newser) - When political observers talk about Bobby Jindal’s vice presidential credentials, they often mention that his devout Christian faith might sway the base. It’s a curious advantage for the Hindu-raised son of Punjabi immigrants, but Jindal’s conversion was the sincere product of a deep spiritual quest, the Wall ... More »

Anti-Jena 6 Website Calls for 'Justice'

Feds investigating hate site listing numbers, addresses of students

(Newser) - The FBI is investigating a white supremacist site that listed the addresses and phone numbers of five of the so-called Jena Six, and “essentially called for their lynching,” the agency said yesterday. “These people need more than an investigation. They need protection,” Jesse Jackson told the... More »

Bush: 'Better Days Are Ahead' for New Orleans

Two years after Katrina, president's visit met with skepticism, anger

(Newser) - President Bush spoke at a New Orleans charter school today, commemorating the two-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and promising a "strong commitment" from the federal government to rebuilding the city. But many residents viewed the president's visit with skepticism, the NY Times reports, angered by what they see as... More »

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