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Officer Fires on Rioters Outside Swedish Capital

Cars were torched and businesses looted Monday outside Stockholm

(Newser) - At least one police officer opened fire on rioters Monday in a Swedish neighborhood with a large immigrant population, CNN reports. According to the AP , the unrest started while officers were attempting to arrest a resident suspected in a drug crime. Bystanders threw rocks, one of which hit an officer... More »

Cops Now Investigating Michael Brown's Stepdad

Investigation into Louis Head's actions the night of Nov. 24 under way: police chief

(Newser) - As President Obama urged peace in the moments after it was announced Darren Wilson wouldn't be indicted in the shooting death of Michael Brown, chaos broke out in Ferguson—and now police there are investigating whether Brown's stepfather meant to start a riot himself. Louis Head was seen... More »

Liberia Finds 17 Ebola Patients Who Fled Mob

Being treated in different clinic, but officials fear damage has been done

(Newser) - The 17 Ebola patients who fled a health center during a riot Saturday in Liberia have been found—however, health officials there fear the damage has already been done. The patients apparently turned themselves in after being traced, and are now at a hospital elsewhere in Monrovia, the country's... More »

More Riots in Missouri After Teen's Fatal Shooting

18-year-old Michael Brown was reportedly unarmed when he was shot and killed

(Newser) - The St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Mo., was the scene of another evening of rioting and unrest last night as largely young, black crowds faced off against a mostly white police force that reportedly responded with tear gas, reports the Los Angeles Times . But the family of slain teenager Michael... More »

As Germany Celebrates, Argentina Riots

60 arrested amid Buenos Aires unrest

(Newser) - Germans poured into Berlin's "Fan Mile" last night, watching the World Cup final in pouring rain near the Brandenburg Gate. Tension reigned until minute 113, when the German team scored the winning goal over Argentina. When the final whistle was blown, fireworks appeared in the sky as, for... More »

Israeli Settlers Raid Own Nation's Army Outpost

Move to demolish illegal settlements angers residents

(Newser) - An Israeli army outpost in the West Bank was raided today—and it was Jewish settlers doing the raiding, while soldiers stood by and watched. The incident followed a violent confrontation between the soldiers and far-right settlers in Yitzhar. It began when border police demolished four illegal structures and seized... More »

Spring Break Party Descends Into Riot

Tear gas, rubber bullets fired near UC Santa Barbara

(Newser) - At least six police officers were injured and more than 100 people arrested after a street party near the University of California at Santa Barbara turned into what police called a "major disturbance, emergency situation." Even before trouble began, 56 of the estimated 15,000 revelers at the... More »

After Anti-Migrant Riot, Russia Cops Arrest ... Migrants?

Mob chanting 'White power' attacks mall

(Newser) - Russian police today raided a vegetable warehouse, just a day after that warehouse became the target of the biggest anti-migrant unrest to hit the country in years. A riot broke out yesterday after the killing of a young man was blamed on a migrant from Russia's North Caucasus region,... More »

Brazilian Teachers' Protest Turns Into Riot

Marchers clash with police in Rio, Sao Paolo

(Newser) - Looks like Brazilian teachers are not to be messed with: Firebombs were thrown and buildings were attacked after marches by striking teachers and their supporters turned ugly in Rio de Janiero and Sao Paolo last night, the BBC reports. Around 20,000 people marched peacefully in Rio to protest low... More »

Sudan Has 'Cut Itself Off' From Internet

Possibly blacked out by gov't amid riots, says expert

(Newser) - Amidst deadly riots over its government scrapping fuel subsidies, Sudan has severed its Internet access. Following several reports, Internet monitoring firm Renesys has confirmed that the country "has cut itself off from global Internet," though it's still uncertain whether the government is behind the outage, the Washington ... More »

Pope's Brazil Mass: Sorry, No Masks

Authorities fear protest reprise

(Newser) - A month after Brazil saw widespread unrest , Pope Francis is headed to Rio de Janeiro for World Youth Day (which is actually a week long). With more than a million attendees expected, authorities aren't taking any chances. Demonstrators wore Guy Fawkes masks during June's protests; at a Mass... More »

Packs of Young Robbers Hit LA Last Night: Police

They're not believed to be connected to Zimmerman protests

(Newser) - A dozen people—all but one of them juveniles—were arrested in Hollywood last night in what, based on the LA Times ' supercharged description, was a pretty apocalyptic scene. The streets were filled with "marauding bands of youths," who roamed about robbing tourists and storefronts, assaulting people... More »

Bombs Thrown at Cops in Belfast Riots

Four nights of rioting over Protestant parade dispute

(Newser) - Protestors have been rioting for four nights on the streets of Belfast, after authorities banned Protestants from marching past a Catholic area of the city during a parade last week, reports Bloomberg . During a clash with police today, the protestors threw blast bombs and Molotov cocktails at the cops, who... More »

Boxing Match Stampede Kills 17

Rioting breaks out at packed stadium in Indonesia

(Newser) - When fans disagreed over scoring at an Indonesian boxing match yesterday, a fight broke out—followed by a stampede to exit the stadium that left at least 17 dead and 39 injured, Reuters reports. Most of the dead were women. Some 1,500 attended the match in Papua province, though... More »

Argument Triggers Deadly Religious Riots in Burma

With 20 dead, president declares state of emergency

(Newser) - Religious riots between Buddhists and Muslims have rocked a central Burmese town for two days, leaving at least 20 dead and prompting President Thein Sein to declare a state of emergency, the AP reports. A local reporter estimated the number of dead at closer to 40, the New York Times... More »

Booker Maneuver Sparks Near-Riot at City Hall

He casts rare vote on council to help political ally gain seat

(Newser) - A dramatic scene at Newark's city hall last night: During a meeting to appoint a new council member, Mayor Cory Booker pulled a behind-the-scenes move that caused outraged citizens to storm the dais, knocking over a podium and prompting police to use pepper spray, reports . Two candidates... More »

7 Dead in Arab Riots; KFC, Hardee's Burned

White House asks YouTube to review anti-Muslim video

(Newser) - Violent protests continued across the Arab world today and claimed at least seven lives, three of them near the US embassy in Sudan's capital city, NBC News reports. Security officers in Khartoum fired tear gas at about 5,000 angry demonstrators, who were also protesting at nearby British and... More »

French Youths Riot, Drag Drivers From Cars

Clashes with police erupt overnight in Amiens

(Newser) - The riots that at times roiled France under Nicolas Sarkozy aren't ceasing under Francois Hollande. Some 100 youths clashed with police in the impoverished city of Amiens overnight, with rioters reportedly torching cars (in at least three cases dragging drivers out of them in order to do so, reports... More »

1K Workers Riot at Foxconn

Conditions still terrible, despite Apple's initiative

(Newser) - Dozens were arrested Monday night after a riot broke out at a dormitory in Foxconn's factory in Chengdu. The trouble started when security guards were called to stop a thief, an opening other workers used to start a scuffle, the Taiwan-based Want China Times reports. Before long, up to... More »

Gingrich, Palin Blast Obama Apology for Koran Burning

Hamid Karzai should apologize for violence, says Newt

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin are trying to make President Obama sorry he apologized. Obama said he's sorry for an a "inadvertent" Koran-burning incident on a US military base in Afghanistan that has sparked days of rioting and resulted in the death of two American soldiers. But Gingrich... More »

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