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Iran Nuke Inspectors Ready to Go High-Tech

IAEA task force has been slowed down by antiquated equipment—until now

(Newser) - Iran has labeled international inspections at its main atomic sites over the past 18 months as "the most intrusive and robust" of that any country has faced, per the New York Times . But inspection leaders say they've actually been hampered this whole time by outdated technology—and that... More »

UN Nuke Inspector Dies in Iran Crash

Inspectors' car overturned near a heavy water reactor

(Newser) - Cue the conspiracy theories: A UN nuclear inspector from South Korea was killed and a second inspector from Slovenia was injured in a car crash today, the nuclear watchdog agency said. Iran's official IRNA news agency said the inspectors' car overturned around a heavy water reactor being built in... More »

Iran Agrees to UN Inspection

And calls for 'serious' talks in Turkey

(Newser) - Maybe Iran isn't barreling toward war after all. Western diplomats say Iran has agreed to allow UN nuclear inspectors into the country, with the trip currently scheduled for Jan. 28, the Wall Street Journal reports. That surprise move came as the speaker of Iran's parliament announced yesterday that... More »

UN Nuclear Experts: Iran Hacked Us

IAEA investigating suspicions of tampering

(Newser) - Some of the International Atomic Energy Agency's top experts think Iranians hacked their cell phones and laptops, diplomats tell the AP. The incident is believed to have occurred earlier this year, when the diplomats left the equipment unattended during an inspection tour in Iran. The watchdog group became suspicious... More »

Regulators Ignored Warning Signs at Fukushima

Despite noted problems, an extension was granted for oldest reactor

(Newser) - Government regulators were concerned about the oldest reactor at Japan’s Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant—but still approved a 10-year extension for reactor No. 1, just a month before the devastating earthquake and tsunami that landed the country in its current nuclear crisis. A report from the regulatory committee noted... More »

Jimmy Carter: It's Time for Direct Talks With N. Korea

Pyongyang keeps sending us the same message

(Newser) - Time after time, North Korea has relayed the same message: if the US will hold direct talks with Pyongyang, North Korea is “ready to conclude an agreement to end its nuclear programs, put them all under IAEA inspection and conclude a permanent peace treaty,” writes Jimmy Carter in... More »

Iran Nuclear Talks Stall; Sanctions Loom

Stalemate seen as Ahmadinejad refuses more negotiations

(Newser) - Iran looks set to face another round of international sanctions as nuclear talks have reached an impasse and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad refuses to discuss a compromise, reports the Guardian. Mohamed ElBaradei, who heads the UN nuclear watchdog, said today Iran has not suspended enrichment activities and continues to be uncooperative with... More »

After Dustup, N. Korea Boots Nuke Inspectors

(Newser) - Following a UN reprimand—and North Korea’s indignant exit from multilateral talks on its nuclear program—Pyongyang has expelled international inspectors, the Wall Street Journal reports. The International Atomic Energy Agency will announce the move shortly. North Korea called the UN statement an “unbearable insult,” but some... More »

US May Soften on Iran Civil Nuke Program

(Newser) - In negotiations with Iran, the Obama administration may be willing to accept less than a complete halt of uranium enrichment activities for civil use, the Financial Times reports. Insiders say an internal review of the administration’s policies now under way will take into account the apparently immovable stance of... More »

N. Korea Talks Stumble Over Rules for Probing Nukes

Pyongyang balks at demands over verification

(Newser) - Talks to curb North Korea’s nuclear-weapons activities have stalled over rules for investigating its programs, Reuters reports. Five other countries have been negotiating with Pyongyang over verifying such activities after North Korea agreed to partially shut down a nuclear complex. “It’s been a very difficult day, indeed... More »

N. Korea OKs Nuclear Inspections

But process may be mired in details until after Bush presidency

(Newser) - North Korean disarmament talks took another halting step today, as the nation agreed in principle to a deal for invasive nuclear inspections, the Washington Post reports. Pyongyang has promised to finish dismantling its Yongbyon reactor by October, and will let inspectors verify that it's down. But negotiators in the six-nation... More »

Syria Rebuilds Mystery Structure

New building goes up on suspected nuclear site bombed by Israel

(Newser) - Syria appears to be rebuilding on the site of a suspected nuclear reactor Israeli bombers destroyed in September, the New York Times reports. The new building, shown in satellite photographs to have the same footprint, is not expected to be a reactor, but there are concerns that it could cover... More »

Deal Struck, Kim Will Dismantle Nuke Plants

Pyongyang to detail activities; expected to get off US terror list

(Newser) - Kim Jong-Il has reportedly agreed in six-party talks to begin disabling his nuclear facilities and revealing program details. In return—though not part of the agreement—the US will fast-track North Korea's removal from its terrorism list. The terms show new flexibility from a waning Bush administration, as well as... More »

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