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Black Effigies Hung by Necks at UC Berkeley

This 'could have been racially motivated,' school rep says

(Newser) - Amid nationwide protests against police brutality, effigies of three black people hung by their necks turned up on UC Berkeley campus in northern California yesterday—but was it racism or politically inspired art? "We are unsure of the intent," a school spokeswoman tells the AP . The effigies, one... More »

Hanging Effigies Rattle Vegas

Some drivers feared they were real people

(Newser) - Two surprise billboards featuring hanging effigies nearly knocked Las Vegans off their game yesterday. Mannequins with nooses around their necks hung from both billboards, each on a major highway; they appeared to be some kind of jobless protest. "Dying for a job," said a hand-painted message on one... More »

Bar Crowd Burns Obama in Effigy

Secret Service snoops around after Wisconsin incident

(Newser) - Another sign of political nastiness: A bar crowd in Wisconsin burned President Obama in effigy, a stunt that caught the attention of the Secret Service and spawned a YouTube hit. The local Fox station says the Secret Service is no longer interested but that local police are investigating. The bar... More »

Teacher Hangs Obama Effigy in Classroom

'He wasn't thinking,' says superintendent

(Newser) - Rhode Island school officials are investigating the actions of a teacher who hung an effigy of President Obama by its heels in front of his high school classroom. The foot-long doll was apparently hung in protest against Obama's support for the mass firing of teachers at the failing school. "... More »

Obama Effigy Hanged in Jimmy Carter's Hometown

Secret Service investigating ugly incident in Plains, Ga.

(Newser) - The Secret Service is investigating after a black doll wearing an "Obama" sign was found hanged from a sign on a storefront in Plains, Ga., Jimmy Carter's hometown. "It's wrong what they did, but I'm not shocked to hear about it," a Plains resident told WALB , the... More »

'Smash-Me Bernie' a Hit at Toy Fair

(Newser) - He may have crushed your savings—but for $99.95 more you can stomp on him, reports the New York Times. The hot ticket at this year's American International Toy Fair is "Smash-Me Bernie," a mini-Madoff dressed in a red devil suit that you can bludgeon with an... More »

Festive Brits Blow Up Palin Effigy

400-year-old tradition 'roasts' politicians

(Newser) - It was all in good fun, insisted a group of Brits yesterday after they exploded an effigy of Sarah Palin, which was packed with firecrackers. The spectacular send-off was the climax of an annual bonfire celebration in the southern town of Battle, which traditionally blows up an effigy of someone... More »

Kentucky Men Busted for Hanging Obama Effigy

University of Kentucky outraged after Obama figure found hanging from tree

(Newser) - Two men have been charged with disorderly conduct for hanging an effigy of Barack Obama from a tree on University of Kentucky property earlier this week, the Louisville Courier-Journal reports. The men, one of them a student, also face charges for breaking into a fraternity house and taking items used... More »

Palin Effigy Sparks Uproar

Complaints over Halloween display

(Newser) - An effigy of Sarah Palin hanging from a noose outside a West Hollywood house has triggered a community furor, reports the Los Angeles Times. The effigy is part of a grim Halloween display which also shows a John McCain mannequin surrounded by flames and skeletons. Complaints calling the display a... More »

Oregon Students Confess to Hanging Obama Effigy

Christian school suspends culprits, apologizes to Democrat

(Newser) - A small Christian school in Oregon has suspended four students who confessed to hanging a cardboard Barack Obama effigy from a tree on campus, ABC News reports. Few students saw the cutout, which was hastily removed after a faculty member found it last week. It was an "abhorrent act"... More »

Burning Man Torched Early

Vandal charged with arson after icon of hedonistic arts festival bursts into flames

(Newser) - A San Francisco vandal torched a giant effigy four days before it was slated to burn as part of the annual hedonistic Burning Man arts festival, according to police. The vandal was arrested for arson and possession of fireworks. Most of the 40-foot Man is still standing, and organizers are... More »

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