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Kimmel Gives His Take on Best Picture Mix-Up

'Clyde threw Bonnie under the bus'

(Newser) - Jimmy Kimmel gave his take on the Oscars fiasco on his show Monday night, calling it "the weirdest TV finale since Lost." Kimmel said he was in the audience seated next to Matt Damon when Bonnie and Clyde co-stars Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway presented the Best Picture... More »

Clinic: Wrong Man's Sperm May Have Fertilized 26 Eggs

Dutch clinic blames 'procedural error'

(Newser) - A man who sent his sperm to a Dutch IVF lab may have ended up with many more offspring than he bargained for. In what the University Medical Center in Utrecht says was a "procedural error," sperm from a single client may have been accidentally used to fertilize... More »

Gingrich Thinks Trump Made One Post-Election Mistake

Voter fraud tweet was a misstep, he says

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich has long been an enthusiastic Donald Trump supporter, but he admits that Trump has made one big mistake since winning the election: questioning the legitimacy of the election with a tweet claiming that millions voted illegally . "The president of the United States can't randomly tweet without... More »

Why We've All Been Calling DB Cooper the Wrong Name

Dan Cooper doesn't have quite the same ring to it

(Newser) - We may not have solved the mystery of DB Cooper, but we've definitely solved a mystery of DB Cooper. Specifically that "DB" was a name that originated with a reporter at the Oregon Journal in Portland. The legendary hijacker actually went by "Dan." "I got... More »

1970 Quarter Selling for Thousands on eBay

Sample was mistakenly printed over a 1941 Canadian quarter

(Newser) - An eBay sale of a 1970 US quarter may at first glance appear routine, but a closer look reveals what its seller calls "one of the most fascinating and intriguing proof mint errors ever discovered"—and a sky-high price to match. Woman's World says AOL.com first... More »

Time's Full-Page WSJ Ad Has Big Typo

Really, editor's?

(Newser) - Go big or go home, they say—though in this case, someone may be going home for good after a big mistake in a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal. The Time Inc. promo for Motto , its new website geared toward millennial women, appeared in Tuesday's print edition... More »

12-Year-Old Finishes Half-Marathon —by Mistake

LeeAdianez Rodriguez was only supposed to run a 5K

(Newser) - LeeAdianez Rodriguez, known as Lee to those close to her, was running late and just made it Sunday to the start of the 5K race she had signed up for in Rochester, NY, the Democrat and Chronicle reports. But at some point during her run, the 12-year-old started wondering why... More »

Can You Spot the Error in This St. Paddy's Day Ad?

From Guinness, no less

(Newser) - Four-leaf clovers are supposed to bring good luck, but not so much for Guinness. The Irish beer company found itself apologizing to Canadians this week after the St. Patrick's Day ads it put up around the Toronto subway system's St. Patrick Station used the wrong green symbol to... More »

School: Shoddy Records Caused Student's Suicide

Japan junior high student killed himself after false shoplifting charge

(Newser) - A junior high school principal appeared before a school assembly Wednesday to apologize not only for its role in a student's suicide but also for fibbing about what had happened afterward, the Japan Times reports. The 15-year-old took his own life on Dec. 8 after his parents found out... More »

Obama Made an Error in Oval Office Speech

He misspoke on how San Bernardino shooting suspect entered the US

(Newser) - In his Sunday night Oval Office address , President Obama may not have covered much new ground on overcoming terrorism, but he did note that he's seeking answers about how San Bernardino shooting suspect Tashfeen Malik ended up in the US. "I've ordered the departments of State and... More »

7-Eleven Clerk's Mistake Wins Man $380K

Man says ticket sold to him wasn't what he wanted, but he kept it anyway

(Newser) - A KTLA reporter said in a news segment yesterday that the biggest mistake she's ever made at a 7-Eleven is coming out with nachos and a Slurpie at 2:20am—but she then (somewhat jealously) noted that that error didn't net her almost $400,000. Her envious reference:... More »

Doctors Misdiagnose 1 in 20 Patients They See

And the number might actually be higher

(Newser) - American doctors misdiagnose roughly one out of every 20 adult patients they see in an outpatient setting, or about 12 million of us a year—and about half of those mistakes could cause serious harm, according to a new research report . A team led by Dr. Hardeep Singh—who recently... More »

Cleaner Mistakes $14K Worth of Art for Trash, Tosses It

Debris scattered on ground was actually part of display

(Newser) - Whoops: A cleaner at an art exhibition in Italy threw away some pieces of cardboard, cookies, and newspaper that were strewn on the floor ... not realizing they were actually part of artist Sala Murat's display. She assumed the debris was trash left behind while the display was being set... More »

18th-Century Chateau Razed 'By Mistake'

Workers got it confused with a smaller building

(Newser) - Residents of a sleepy French village in Bordeaux have been left dumbfounded after discovering their local 18th-century chateau was completely bulldozed "by mistake." The mayor's office in Yvrac said today that workers who were hired to renovate the grand 140,000-sqaure-foot estate in November and raze a... More »

Doctors: To Stop Errors, Stop Over-Treating

Sanjay Gupta reflects on the increasing number of medical mistakes

(Newser) - When it comes to medicine, "more is not always better," writes neurosurgeon and CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta in the New York Times . Doctors make thousands of mistakes each year—in 1999, as many as 98,000 Americans were dying annually due to medical errors, and that... More »

Obama: My Biggest Mistake Was Failure to 'Tell a Story'

President says he focused on policy at the expense of inspiration: CBS video

(Newser) - President Obama's biggest mistake in his first term? Republicans probably have a quick answer involving the words "health care," but Obama himself got a little abstract about the subject in an interview with Charlie Rose of CBS :
  • "When I think about what we've done well
... More »

Oops: Fox Calls Romney, Obama 'Best Friends'

Clip mix-up has amusing results

(Newser) - Barack Obama and Mitt Romney may differ on politics—but apparently they're best friends. At least, that's what Fox News host Bill Hemmer told viewers today. After noting that Romney had recently been interviewed about his personal life, Hemmer said, "Here is Romney on his relationship with... More »

Obama: Tone Has 'Slipped'

Prez talks mistakes, midterms on 60 Minutes

(Newser) - President Obama acknowledged mistakes since entering office, including “slipping” on maintaining a better tone in Washington, in a 60 Minutes interview last night, Politico reports. “Part of my promise to the American people when I was elected was to maintain the kind of tone that says we can... More »

Moviemakers, Beware: Mistake Catchers Are Watching

Website has devoted set of film nitpickers

(Newser) - Rikki Rosen is a 48-year-old mother in St. Louis and the bane of movie script supervisors everywhere. “Sure, a movie can have mistakes,” the No. 2 contributor to the film-gaffe-chronicling site Movie Mistakes tells the Wall Street Journal . “But sometimes it's just one after the other after... More »

Family Gets Grandma's Brain in Bag, Sues

Claims funeral home lumped gray matter in with personal effects

(Newser) - A New Mexico family is suing a pair of funeral homes they say gave them their grandmother’s brain in the same bag as her personal effects. One of the family members says he took the bag, which was unsealed, unaware that it contained the brain, and left it in... More »

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