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Toddler's Request for Movie Popcorn Ends in Charges

Cops say woman dumped container on the child's head because she was talking

(Newser) - A two-month police investigation involving popcorn, a toddler, a movie theater, and The Last Jedi has resulted in child endangerment charges for a Long Island woman and her father. Police say Keri Karman, 28, got angry when a 2-year-old girl near her at the movies asked her mom for popcorn,... More »

Report Makes 'Case Against Microwave Popcorn'

Website warns about fats, nonstick coating, and sodium

(Newser) - Like a nice bowl of microwave popcorn in the evening? Others do too—in fact, America downs 16 billion quarts of popcorn annually—but Safebee reports that many microwave popcorns come with apparent health risks. Four, to be exact:
  • Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA): This nonstick coating can be found in fire-fighting
... More »

Scientists Figure Out Why Popcorn Goes 'Pop'

If you guessed it's the sound of the kernel breaking, you're wrong

(Newser) - Popcorn pops because ... you set your microwave to two minutes on high, right? As you might expect, there's a little more science to it than that, and two French engineers have dug into exactly what happens when a kernel of corn does its thing. Their formula-filled study, published in... More »

Arch-Enemy of Movie Ads: Popcorn

Chewing it prevents us from mouthing brand names: study

(Newser) - Want armor against an onslaught of advertising? Just chew some popcorn, a study suggests. Eating the stuff during movie ads leaves viewers "immune" to the cravings those ads might otherwise inspire, researchers say. That's because, as the Guardian reports, we typically subtly mouth brand names each time we... More »

Man With 'Microwave Popcorn Lung' Awarded $7M

Fake butter fumes sickened man who ate 2 bags a day

(Newser) - A jury has awarded $7 million to a Colorado man who contracted a chronic lung condition from a different kind of two-pack-a-day habit. Wayne Watson sued a supermarket chain and a popcorn maker after becoming ill with "microwave popcorn lung," CBS 4 reports. A lung specialist testified that... More »

John McCain Livid Over Popcorn Subsidy

Trying to kill pork project of strangely silent Nebraska senators

(Newser) - Nebraska's two senators have been quiet—you might even say sneaky—about inserting a provision to help popcorn growers into the new farm bill. Both are on the Agriculture Committee, and they slid a provision into the bill saying that the Agriculture secretary "may" consider revenue insurance subsidies... More »

To Load Up on Antioxidants, Eat ... Popcorn?

Who needs fruit?

(Newser) - Good news for snackers: Looks like popcorn is healthier than previously believed. Experts knew it was rich in fiber and low in calories, but it turns out it's full of antioxidants, too, Health.com reports. By simulating the body's breakdown of the food, researchers have found that it'... More »

Movie Theaters Go Gourmet

Provide wait service for meals in your seats

(Newser) - Dinner and a movie? How about dinner at the movies? Many moviegoers aren’t stopping at the concession stand before the show begins, theaters find, so they’re trying a new tactic: serving full-fledged meals at viewers’ seats. At an AMC in Kansas City, for instance, viewers can reserve luxury... More »

Movie Popcorn Gets Pass: Calorie Count Stays Hidden

Calorie counts to appear on restaurant menus next year: FDA

(Newser) - If you don't want to see how many calories are in your meal, you may have to start dining in bowling alleys and movie theaters. The FDA has released its proposal for adding calorie counts to menus next year, and places that don't serve food as their primary business have... More »

Theater Owners: No Calorie Counts on Our Popcorn!

But FDA rules loom

(Newser) - The FDA's final decision on publishing movie theater calorie counts is looming, and theater owners are fighting tooth and nail. Final rules could come from regulators today, forcing theaters to disclose exactly how many calories are in those huge buckets of popcorn, oversized pretzels, and other prepared foods, just like... More »

For True Addicts: Caffeinated Popcorn

Fans liken addictive snack to cocaine, inventor says

(Newser) - As huge popcorn fans and total caffeine addicts, Amanda and Matthew Fitch decided they could kill two birds with one stone—by putting caffeine in their popcorn. To make the final product palatable, though, they had to overcome caffeine's natural bitterness. "We tried over and over again, making tons... More »

Coming Soon: Calorie Count on Movie Popcorn

Trains, planes, grocery stores must also post calories

(Newser) - There are some things you just don’t want to know … and the number of calories in that buttery movie popcorn you’re about to enjoy is probably one of them. Chain restaurants are already required to post calorie counts under the new health care law, and the FDA... More »

Stuff I've Found in My Cleavage

Don't call a locksmith about your missing keys until you check your bra

(Newser) - The basics for an evening out—money, keys, lipstick, an ID—fit nicely in a small handbag. You might be tempted to tuck them into your bra, but think again. "I stored lipstick in mine once, and it dislodged while I was dancing and leaked all over me like... More »

Biggest Ripoffs in US

Phone texts, movie popcorn, and textbooks are overpriced

(Newser) - Text messages may be the biggest ripoff in America. It costs 1/3 of a cent for carriers to send a message, but they can hit you with a 20-cent charge on pay-per-text plans. That's a markup of 6,500%. More bad deals from CNNMoney :
  • Movie popcorn, 900%: No surprise here,
... More »

Movie Popcorn = 3 Quarter Pounders, Plus Butter

It's as unhealthy as it was 15 years ago

(Newser) - Figure 1,600 calories, 60 grams of saturated fat, and 980 milligrams of sodium—that’s what you’re eating when you scarf down a medium helping of movie popcorn at the nation's biggest theater chain. Add a soda and it’s the equivalent of eating a pound of baby... More »

Overwrought G.I. Joe 'Everything You Could Want'

(Newser) - Most critics—who didn't have access to advance screenings, normally a huge red flag—agree that G.I. Joe: the Rise of Cobra isn’t anything but a popcorn flick. For some, that’s enough. For others, not so much.
  • "It’s all put together with such verve and
... More »

Movie, Munchie Sales Shrivel

Cash-strapped moviegoers forego snacks, according to latest sales stats

(Newser) - Some Americans seeking a break from economic news may be sitting in the dark in movie theaters—but they're apparently not eating their Raisinets. That's the news from two cinema companies reporting a major munchie drop off. Conventional wisdom holds that people can always afford a movie. Not so. Admission... More »

Physicist: No, Cell Phones Can't Pop Corn

Far-fetched YouTube videos smell like viral marketing campaign

(Newser) - YouTube videos showing three people popping corn with their cell phones have taken the Internet by storm, but apparently aren’t for real, Wired reports: A physics professor says the feat just isn’t possible. Instead, the videos look like a viral marketing campaign. The phones seem to be the... More »

Slumping Popcorn Sales Will Pop Ticket Prices

Film fans who balk at $6 popcorn will be coughing up more at the door

(Newser) - Movie tickets have long been partly subsidized by popcorn sales, but that business model is set to pop as the price of corn soars, Advertising Age reports. As moviegoers pass up the pricey snack, cinemas will need to hike ticket charges to cover the difference. One expert on the movie... More »

As Global Temps Rise, So Do ... Popcorn Prices

As farmers plant more crops for biofuels, moviegoers feel pinch

(Newser) - The movie stars driving flex-fuel SUV are driving up popcorn prices at the nation’s nickelodeons, and it’s not because of their salaries: A move toward planting crops for alternative-fuel production has made popping corn more scarce—and therefore more expensive, the Los Angeles Times reports. Moviegoers shouldn’t... More »

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