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Man Climbs Up NYC Luxury Hotel, Plummets to His Death

College student went up scaffolding of Four Seasons to take photos: cops

(Newser) - Connor Cummins' family describes him to WABC-TV as a photography devotee—and that enthusiasm may have cost him his life. The New Jersey man, said to be either 20 or 24 years old , and an 18-year-old pal ascended the scaffolding outside NYC's Four Seasons hotel Wednesday night in search... More »

What It's Like to Stay in NYC's Priciest Hotel Room

Champagne, butlers, and Maybachs, oh my!

(Newser) - To stay at the top of NYC's Four Seasons Hotel, you have to fork over $35,000 a night (no matter who you are—no discounts given). The four-room 4,300 square-foot Ty Warner Penthouse (named for the hotel's owner/Beanie Baby mogul) took 7 years to design and $50 million... More »

High-Class Cat Burglar 'Rico Suave' Roams LA

Debonair thief took $45K from Four Seasons days before Oscars

(Newser) - The LAPD has been on his trail since October, but that didn’t stop debonair burglar “Rico Suave” from pulling off a heist just days before the Oscars at one of Beverly Hills’ most glamorous hotels in the middle of a massive police presence. The thief apparently used his... More »

Recession Pits Luxe Hotels' Owners Vs. Operators

(Newser) - The recession is igniting new hotel wars: not battles for customers, but between owners of luxury hotels and the properties’ operators, the New York Times reports. The owners are often struggling to keep up with big debt payments, hindered by a more than 16% average drop in hotel bookings across... More »

Proposing? What Not to Do

Chefs dish on the pitfalls of proposing in a restaurant

(Newser) - Maître d’s obliged to play cupid warn that there are a surprising number of pitfalls when proposing at a restaurant. Swallowing the ring in the crème brûlée is a classic, and a surprising number of proposals are turned down, they tell Gourmet. Their best advice?... More »

For Hotels, Upgrades at Top Boost Bottom Line

Making suites even sweeter has trickle-down effect to lower income brackets

(Newser) - Luxury hotels are spending money to make money, but the dollars aren’t flowing into the average traveler’s quarters, the Wall Street Journal reports. With competition growing and demand for rooms lacking, hotels are burnishing their top suites—some costing $30,000 a night—hoping the added glitz will... More »

Hotel Tell-All Book Muzzled Before Release

Four Seasons acts to keep ex-concierges' celeb dish off shelves

(Newser) - A book by ex-concierges at Chicago’s Four Seasons Hotel has been dumped just before the celebrity tell-all was go on sale, the Chicago Tribune reports. The hotel complained that confidentiality agreements made the tales of "celebrity bad behavior" in Great Reservations off-limits. Despite a publicity blitz ahead of... More »

10 Most Expensive Hotel Suites

Where you can shell out $53K a night (breakfast not included)

(Newser) - When New York's Four Seasons opened a new penthouse suite costing a cool $30,000 a night, they boasted that it was the world's most expensive hotel room. Think again. The Times of London lists the world's most astronomically priced hotel rooms.
  1. Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson, Geneva ($53,
... More »

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