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Richard Carpenter Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Karen

He's suing for unpaid digital royalties

(Newser) - The lawsuits may have only just begun: Richard Carpenter filed a suit in California Wednesday on behalf of sister Karen Carpenter's estate, saying record companies are cheating both of them out of digital royalties. Richard, the surviving member of the sibling duo, accuses Universal Music Group and A&M... More »

Netflix Now Lets You Watch Offline

New download option ready for some content

(Newser) - Netflix is now providing a free option that users have been asking about for a long time: the ability to watch stuff offline. Not everything is available for download, notes Gizmodo , but big titles such as Orange Is the New Black and Stranger Things are, and more titles are "... More »

Jury: Woman Downloaded Child Porn to Frame Hubby

Meri Woods faces up to 9 years and $20K in fines

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania jury convicted a woman on Wednesday of downloading child pornography onto the family computer and trying to blame it on her husband, Raw Story reports. Prosecutors said Meri Woods of Clymer, Penn., downloaded more than 40 child-pornography images, then delivered the computer to state police and tried to... More »

WiFi? Phhhh. Try Sending Data by a Light Bulb

Physicist Herald Haas calls it 'Visible Light Communication'

(Newser) - Think WiFi is amazing? How about LiFi, a technology in the works that could transmit data at amazingly high speeds from everyday light bulbs, CNN reports. German physicist Herald Haas is working on the process that could revolutionize movie downloads, cell phone calls, and anything that uses radio wave signals... More »

New Service: Download Movies at Airports

Digiboo kiosks offer films for your USB stick

(Newser) - Tired of bad airline movies? Now you can pick your own before you get on the flight. A new service called Digiboo provides airport kiosks where you can download movies onto your USB 3.0 stick in a matter of seconds, the Los Angeles Times reports. Thanks to licensing deals... More »

Avatar Tops List of Most Pirated Movies

'Dark Knight' and 'Transformers' aren't far behind

(Newser) - The 2009 3D blockbuster Avatar ranks No. 1 on the list of most pirated movies, reports MovieFone via TorrentFreak . Despite director James Cameron's prediction that 3D would discourage illegal copies, pirates still downloaded Avatar 21 million times. (It's still the highest-grossing movie of all time.) Runners-up for... More »

France Plans to Monitor, Foil Illegal Downloaders

(Newser) - France is poised to enact a far-reaching crackdown on those who illegally download music and movies, the New York Times reports. A new law expected to be approved tomorrow allows the music and film industry to monitor the downloads of individual users and report any violations to a new copyright... More »

Video Service Could Be Behind Amazon Glitches

Pending TV and movie streaming may be snarling system

(Newser) - Amazon's new digital video service could be behind the glitches that have been plaguing the site, reports the New York Times. The online retailer was knocked offline for two hours last week and suffered sporadic problems yesterday. Analysts believe the company may be rejigging its distribution system ahead of the... More »

Planted on Networks, Phony Download Infects 500K PCs

Malware masquerading as media file seen widely on sharing sites like Limewire

(Newser) - Almost 500,000 people have unintentionally downloaded an adware bundle from file-sharing networks in the past week, security firm McAfee says, with ugly consequences. Disguised as a music file or popular movies, the phony file is circulating on the eDonkey and Limewire networks. It asks users to install a codec... More »

A Good Day for EU File Sharers

Telecoms don't have to turn over personal data of illegal download suspects: court

(Newser) - The EU’s high court ruled today that telecommunications companies are not obligated to turn over the personal data of individuals suspected of illegally sharing copyrighted material online, the AP reports. The European Court of Justice said member nations could create laws allowing for the disclosure of file-sharers’ info in... More »

The Real Macworld Scoop: Video Podcasts on Apple TV

Under the radar advancement offers new world of free programming

(Newser) - Thin laptops and online movie rentals got the hype, but NY Times blogger Saul Hansell says the real news from Macworld is the inclusion of video podcasts on Apple TV. This opens up a new world of free, ad-supported, on-demand programming on our televisions, which he predicts will eventually outperform... More »

Fans Livid Over Blocked Baseball Vids

MLB switches DRM provider; purchased content now defunct

(Newser) - Now that Major League Baseball has switched its DRM provider, fans who purchased videos and other baseball content in '06 can no longer access their downloads. A representative for the league explained that they had made one-time purchases, although a blogger says based on a phone interview with MLB officials... More »

The Voodoo is Weak for Vudu Movie Box

Downloadable video gadget falls short on selection, price, bandwidth, the Wall Street Journal says

(Newser) - Downloading movies to your TV might seem convenient in theory, but in practice the Vudu is bad magic, the Wall Street Journal says. Sure, its setup and interface are easy, and the picture quality’s good. But sparse selection, high prices and slow downloads sink the device. Vudu’s 5,... More »

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