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Kid Rock's 'Made in Detroit' Shirts ... Not Made in Detroit

Only some of the shirts are even made in the USA: Susan Tompor

(Newser) - Kid Rock loves Detroit, and the story of the rocker saving the Made in Detroit clothing line from bankruptcy is certainly a heartwarming one. With just one small problem: The Made in Detroit shirts aren't actually made in Detroit, Detroit Free Press writer Susan Tompor discovered. The design originated... More »

Government Bans Killer Cribs

Drop-side design linked to 32 infant deaths since 2000

(Newser) - If you grew up in the US, chances are you spent some time in a drop-side crib, which allows adults to lower one side so they have easy access to the occupant. T the government is about to ban the popular crib design, which has been linked to 32 infant... More »

Dell's Tweets Bring $6.5M in Sales

Company now has 1.5M followers on Twitter

(Newser) - Twitter has proved to be a bit of a gold mine for Dell—the computer maker said promotions over the social-networking site directly resulted in more than $6.5 million in sales this year. The number of subscribers to Dell's Tweets has risen 23% over the last three months, to... More »

Companies Leak Drugs Into US Drinking Water

(Newser) - Federal regulators have consistently looked away as Big Pharma and other manufacturers poured at least 271 million pounds of drugs into waterways that supply US drinking water, the AP reports. Records kept unintentionally by the FDA and EPA show that 22 compounds, some considered dangerous by scientists, have leaked into... More »

Auto-Parts Suppliers Get Own $5B Bailout

(Newser) - The US will provide $5 billion in aid to the nation’s auto-parts manufacturers, a sector struggling because of the tenuous financial situation of Detroit’s Big Three car companies, the Wall Street Journal reports today. Many parts makers face bankruptcy, as they have not been paid for product delivered.... More »

Stimulus: Home, Car Buyers Win, States Lose

Pay, bonuses restricted for employees of TARP firms

(Newser) - The $835 billion stimulus plan approved by the Senate today helps out home builders, manufacturers, and buyers of homes and cars, reports the Wall Street Journal. The bill allows manufacturers and construction firms to use any 2008 and 2009 losses to offset tax liability going back as far as 2003.... More »

Big Dig Manslaughter Charge Dropped After $16M Deal

Company made epoxy whose failure resulted in death in Boston tunnel

(Newser) - The legal wrangling around a 2006 Boston tunnel collapse that killed one woman appears to finally be over, the Globe reports. In exchange for a $16 million fine, prosecutors have dropped manslaughter charges against Powers Fasteners, which manufactured a supposedly fast-setting epoxy that failed to support ceiling panels. Powers must... More »

Auto Suppliers Panic as Detroit Collapse Nears

Owed billions by GM and Chrysler, many near failure

(Newser) - The looming collapse of GM and Chrysler is sending shudders all the way down the supply chain, the New York Times reports. America's auto parts suppliers employ 600,000 people—more than twice as many as the Big Three automakers combined—but many suppliers are already stretched to the limit... More »

Intel Moves into Clean Tech With Solar Cell Spinoff

SpectraWatt joins IBM, HP entries, part of a larger trend in IT industry

(Newser) - Intel made a move into clean technology yesterday, creating a spinoff that will manufacture solar cells and pumping $50 million into it. SpectraWatt’s focus will be on improving solar-cell efficiency and cutting costs per watt, its CEO told CNet. IT companies are increasingly getting into the solar industry. Both... More »

Mattel Gets Tough on Chinese Suppliers

Second recall was a serious wake-up call

(Newser) - The first batch of lead-tainted toys it had to recall, Mattel wrote off as an isolated incident—"a single vendor who made a big mistake.” But when it came to recalling 1.5 million unsafe Barbie dolls, Sarge jeeps and other toys made in China, the company knew... More »

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