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6 Controversial Films You Never Got to See

BBC rounds up Hollywood's buried tales

(Newser) - Ever hear about an upcoming movie that somehow disappears before its release—or perhaps shortly thereafter? Well, there's a good chance that flick got "buried," or made and then locked away, just like these controversial films rounded up by the BBC :
  1. The Day the Clown Cried: Of
... More »

Missing From This Year's MDA Telethon: Jerry Lewis

Comedian no longer national chair, won't appear over Labor Day weekend

(Newser) - It's the end of an era: He's been the Muscular Dystrophy Association's national chairman since the early 1950s and the host of its Labor Day telethon since 1966. But as of this year, Jerry Lewis is neither—and he won't even be appearing on this year'... More »

Lewis Cited for Gun at Airport

Entertainer, 82, had weapon in his bag; manager says it's just a prop

(Newser) - Police confiscated a gun belonging to Jerry Lewis that was in the 82-year-old entertainer's carryon bag as he prepared to fly to Detroit from Las Vegas. Authorities cited Lewis for carrying an unloaded concealed weapon at the Vegas airport. His manager says it's a harmless prop, unable to fire. Cops... More »

Jerry Lewis Apologizes for Gay Slur

In telethon's 18th hour, comedian flung insult at camera

(Newser) - Comedian and advocate Jerry Lewis, 81, expressed regret at his unscripted use of the word "fag" in his Labor Day Telethon for Muscular Dystrophy. In the marathon's 18th hour, Lewis addressed a camera, pretending to introduce it to other members of its family:  "Oh, your family has... More »

Jerry Lewis Raises Record $64M

Eclipses last year's total by $3 million to help fight Muscular Dystrophy

(Newser) - Comedian Jerry Lewis certainly didn't take the day off: his 42nd Labor Day telethon yesterday pulled in a record $64 million for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. "We did it. We did it. We can go shopping," enthused the 81-year-old showman after pulling in $3 million more than last... More »

Next AG Will Inherit Justice Budget Crunch

Pirority on terror has left few resources for other prosecutions

(Newser) - Alberto Gonzales' successor at Justice will find a department seriously weakened by budget cuts that have reduced prosecutions in all types of crimes, the Wall Street Journal reports. As funds have been redirected to fighting terrorism, positions in US attorneys offices remain unfilled, and investigations have languished for months.  More »

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