disorderly conduct

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Dad and Daughter Busted Over Loud Party—They're Kennedys

Max, son of Robert, and his daughter Caroline arrested in Hyannis Port

(Newser) - A younger member of the Kennedy clan got busted over the weekend for disorderly conduct while hosting a loud party in Hyannis Port. But don't worry, she won't get in trouble with her folks—Dad was busted along with her. Police arrested 52-year-old Max Kennedy, son of Robert,... More »

Woman May Go to Prison for Laughing in Sessions' Hearing

Activist Desiree Fairooz is currently on trial for the outburst

(Newser) - Laughter may be the best medicine, but it's a lawyer, not a doctor, that a Code Pink activist now needs for guffawing during Attorney General Jeff Sessions' Senate confirmation hearing. HuffPost reports that 61-year-old Desiree Fairooz is on trial this week after being arrested by US Capitol Police for... More »

Striking Harvard Dining Hall Workers Arrested

9 women charged with disorderly conduct

(Newser) - Nine striking dining hall workers at the world's richest university were arrested Friday after holding a sit-in to demand better wages and health benefits. The workers—who are among 750 food service workers on strike at Harvard—were arrested alongside two union officials after blocking the streets of Harvard... More »

Man Allegedly Poops on Self-Checkout Machine

Which reminds us: Wash your produce before eating it

(Newser) - A 23-year-old Ohio man was arrested Sunday in Cincinnati after he allegedly pooped directly onto a self-checkout machine, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. According to the Smoking Gun , police say Colin Murphy stripped completely naked in front of an employee at a Kroger grocery store, then dropped a deuce onto the... More »

Student Arrested Over Fart-Spray Incident

Blake Zengo allegedly knows how to clear out a bar

(Newser) - One University of Georgia student may have just single-handedly justified the 21-year-old legal drinking age after the 20-year-old was arrested for allegedly spraying Athens bar customers with bottled farts, USA Today reports. It started around around 1:40am when a woman told police a customer inside Whiskey Bent was spraying... More »

Video Shows Katt Williams Punching Teen

A warrant has been issued for comedian's arrest

(Newser) - Katt Williams' legal troubles are far from over in Georgia, where a warrant has been issued for his arrest. Authorities say Williams was taking part in a pickup soccer game at a Gainesville apartment complex last week when he got into an argument with 17-year-old Luke Walsh, an opposing player.... More »

Cops: Woman Rubs Officer's Pepper Spray Back Into His Eyes

A Florida arrest gets a little out of hand

(Newser) - When a Florida sheriff's deputy spotted two women arguing in a store parking lot, he intervened, Keys News reports—but the response was more than he bargained for. As the officer attempted to arrest Sara Henderson, 33, on charges of disorderly intoxication, he says she fought back. In the... More »

Mom Arrested for Swearing in Front of Kids

Danielle Wolf upset fellow shopper with her alleged language

(Newser) - Danielle Wolf was not having a good night at the Kroger grocery store in North Augusta, SC, where she moved with her family just three weeks ago. She says her husband kept squishing the bread in their cart by putting frozen pizzas on top of it, and Wolf expressed her... More »

Charges Against Paul Simon, Wife Dropped

Prosecutors won't pursue disorderly conduct case

(Newser) - The disorderly conduct charges against Paul Simon and wife Edie Brickell have been dropped. Simon and Brickell were arrested in April after a fight at their Connecticut home got physical, but they insisted in court that the altercation was "atypical" and they did not need to be protected from... More »

Man Showers Mall With Last $1K, Gets Ticketed

He says he wanted to spread holiday cheer

(Newser) - "I don’t see how holiday cheer is disorderly conduct," complains a Minnesota man ticketed for disorderly conduct after chucking a thousand dollar bills over a crowd at the Mall of America on Black Friday. Serge Vorobyov, 29, threw the cash from a third-floor railing as the band... More »

Air Marshal Took Upskirt Pics of Fliers: Cops

He's charged with disorderly conduct

(Newser) - A federal air marshal was removed from a plane after police say he was caught taking upskirt photos of at least one passenger. The discovery and arrest yesterday happened on a flight from Nashville to Tampa and delayed the flight about an hour. The man who first reported the problem... More »

Woman Busted Trying to Break Into Jail

Tiffany Hurd caught scaling barbed-wire fence in Ohio

(Newser) - Same story , different gender: An Ohio woman was arrested yesterday morning after authorities caught her trying to break her way into the Butler County Jail. The most amazing details of 36-year-old Tiffany Hurd's quest, per NewsNet5 :
  • A staff member initially saw her lying near the fence and just
... More »

First Occupy Trial Ends in Acquittal, Thanks to Video

Footage showed that arrested man wasn't in street

(Newser) - The Village Voice reports on a milestone of sorts for the Occupy Wall Street movement: The first of thousands of arrests on charges of disorderly conduct made it to trial, only to end in acquittal. NYPD arrested photographer Alexander Arbuckle on Jan. 1 and accused him of standing in the... More »

Twitter Fights to Protect Tweets at Protester Trial

Users have rights to all content, company argues

(Newser) - Twitter is fighting a subpoena demanding tweets of an Occupy protester on trial in Manhattan. The outcome of the battle could have a major impact on tweeters' privacy. The company is arguing that Twitter has no claim on a user's communication, and therefore has no right to turn them... More »

Man Fakes Mother's Obit to Take Time Off: Cops

She reads her own obituary in Pennsylvania newspaper

(Newser) - Imagine a mother's surprise when she read her obituary in the local news—and learned her own son had written it. But police in northern Pennsylvania say 45-year-old Scott Bennett ran his mother's obituary in the newspaper so he could take bereavement time off from work. Brookville police... More »

Flier Busted for Blocking 'Crotch-Grab' of Daughter

Mom nailed as she tries to videotape airport guards with cell phone

(Newser) - A furious mom was busted at an airport on Saturday for blocking a "crotch-grabbing" pat down of her young daughter. Andrea Fornella, 41, was arrested in Nashville en route to Baltimore after shouting at guards that she didn't want her baby's "crotch grabbed" as the TSA... More »

Drunk Snooki Arrested While Filming Jersey Shore

Maybe you've heard, Season 2 of MTV hit just started

(Newser) - Nicole Polizzi, aka Snooki, was arrested this afternoon and charged with disorderly conduct, TMZ reports . The Jersey Shore star ran afoul of the law in Seaside Heights, NJ, where the MTV show was filming. She had been seen at the beach earlier in the day drinking Coke out of a... More »

Ballpark Puker Sentenced to 30 to 90 Days

Matthew Clemmens pleaded guilty to barfing on fellow Phillies fans

(Newser) - The New Jersey man who pleaded guilty to intentionally vomiting on fellow Phillies fans will serve 30 to 90 days in jail. Matthew Clemmens' sentence for assault, disorderly conduct, and harassment also includes 50 hours of community service, and the judge suggested at today's sentencing hearing that he spend that... More »

Town May Outlaw Eye-Rolling

Really. It may be considered 'disorderly conduct.'

(Newser) - If you find yourself annoyed while visiting Elmhurst, Illinois, think twice before rolling your eyes. Officials are debating a “disturbance and disorderly conduct” violation that includes eye-rolling, TribLocal.com reports. It all started when a resident was ejected from a public committee meeting after rolling her eyes and, as... More »

Philadelphia Ballpark Puker Pleads Guilty

NJ man intentionally vomited on family, admits to assault

(Newser) - The New Jersey man who intentionally vomited on a Philadelphia family during a Phillies game last month pleaded guilty today, KYW Newsradio reports . Matthew Clemmens, 21, tormented a man and his two daughters at Citizens Bank Park before declaring, "I need to do what I need to do. I'm... More »

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