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Archaeologists Find Historic Synagogue Ruined by Nazis

Remnants found beneath a school in Lithuania

(Newser) - The Great Synagogue of Vilna dated all the way back to the 1600s and was what the Jerusalem Post calls one of "the most historic and treasured landmarks of European Jewry." But that synagogue, in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, was all but destroyed by the Nazis during... More »

5th Victim Dies in Jerusalem Attack

It was like 'scenes from the Holocaust,' says one witness

(Newser) - One of the two police officers wounded while stopping this morning's brutal attack inside a Jerusalem synagogue has died of his injuries, reports CNN . That brings to five the number of people killed by two Palestinian cousins wielding axes, knives, and a gun. The previous four who died were... More »

Homemade Bomb Found at California Synagogue

Police searching for 60-year-old suspect

(Newser) - When an explosion rocked a Santa Monica synagogue on Thursday, officials thought it was just an accidental gas blast. But yesterday they found what appears to be a makeshift explosive device—and now they say they’ve linked it to an “extremely dangerous” suspect, the LA Times reports... More »

Yemen Bomb Could Have Taken Down Plane

Terror threat rattles Chicago's Jewish community

(Newser) - Weekend services were proceeding as normal at Chicago synagogues, with members processing the news that overseas terrorists apparently had them in their sights, reports the Chicago Tribune . No addresses were released, but sources helped the paper figure out the two neighborhoods involved and at least one of the presumed targets.... More »

Jamaica Bets 'Jewmaican' Past Will Draw Tourists

Today's population is small, but remnants abound; plus, Jewish pirates!

(Newser) - When the uninitiated look at Jamaica’s Jews, they might see a small but resilient community: around 200 faithful, an historic synagogue but no rabbi, few choices for kosher food. But if you’re the nation’s tourism director, you see a goldmine. Plans are afoot to launch a Jewish... More »

No Motive Yet in LA Synagogue Shootings

Gunman wounded two men on their way to prayers

(Newser) - LAPD officers are still searching for the gunman who shot two men on their way to a prayer service at a North Hollywood synagogue this morning. The gunman approached one of the victims in the underground parking lot of the synagogue, and "without any words" shot both him and... More »

Houses of Worship Adapt to Swine Flu

Synagogues, churches, mosques get ready for H1N1

(Newser) - Places of worship across the country are adjusting holy rituals to head off swine flu, CBS News reports. On the Jewish New Year, one Massachusetts synagogue is skipping handshakes and promoting the use of hand sanitizer—and, in a substantial break from tradition, allowing worshipers to not kiss the Torah.... More »

Overflowing Mosques Lead Muslims to Synagogue

(Newser) - With the Muslim population in the US booming, the start of Ramadan this weekend will see many worshippers overflowing into borrowed space, from ballrooms to synagogues, the Washington Post reports. The DC area's mosques are bursting at the seams; with the Koran's injunction against borrowing money at interest slowing new... More »

Holy Hell: Churches Squeezed by Economy

(Newser) - The hallelujahs are strained in US churches these days as donations plunge at the same time demand for aid is skyrocketing, reports the Wall Street Journal. Congregations across the nation are slashing budgets and even laying off staff, including pastors. Churches and synagogues usually weather downturns well, but not this... More »

Accused Bronx Bombers' Gals Cry 'Entrapment'

They say informant plied 'sensitive' men with drugs, rent money

(Newser) - The girlfriends of two accused synagogue bomb plotters say their beaus were duped by an overeager informant, the New York Daily News reports. "David is the most sensitive man I've ever met," said Cassandra McCoy of her Bronx boyfriend, David Williams. "He has three leatherbound books of... More »

Accused NY Plotters, 'Eager' to Kill Jews, Denied Bail

Would-be temple bombers 'eager to bring death to Jews': feds

(Newser) - A federal judge today ordered three New York men accused of plotting to blow up a synagogue and target military aircraft to be held without bail, the Journal News reports. “These were people who were eager to bring death to Jews,” said an assistant US attorney. The aspiring... More »

FBI Arrests 4 in Plot to Bomb Synagogue, Down Plane

Rep. King cites 'homegrown terror'

(Newser) - Four men have been arrested after plotting to blow up a synagogue in New York City and shoot down a plane at an Air National Guard base, the Daily News reports. Undercover FBI agents sold the men what they thought were C-4 explosives, and they were arrested with them near... More »

Boom-Time Loans Cripple Churches

(Newser) - Even houses of worship are facing foreclosures and unpaid bills these days, the AP reports. With credit markets dried up, churches and synagogues—normally rock-solid in recessions—are abandoning half-built properties and scrambling to find a home. "We now have children who don't have classrooms to get into, adults... More »

Ala. Group Offers Jews $50K Move-In Bonus

Small-town synagogue group aims to sell Jews on the charms of the South

(Newser) - A dwindling Alabama Jewish community is spending $1 million to stop itself from disappearing, as have many others in the South, CNN reports. A local group in the town of Dothan is offering a $50,000 shalom to Jewish families who choose to relocate to the community and hopes to... More »

Pope Makes History With Visit to US Synagogue

Benedict is first pope to visit an American synagogue

(Newser) - Pope Benedict XVI became the first pontiff to ever set foot inside an American synagogue with his visit to New York's Park East Synagogue yesterday, the New York Times reports. Benedict, presented with matzo, a Seder plate and a Passover prayer book, spoke to the congregation of "building bridges... More »

Anti-Semitism on the Rise: Report

Criticism of Israel helps fuel hatred worldwide, warns State Department

(Newser) - Over 60 years after the Holocaust, anti-Semitism is on the rise worldwide, warns a State Department report. US embassies across the globe have noted that attacks on Jewish people, their property and institutions have risen in the last ten years. In 2006 more than 100 synagogues were vandalized, hundreds of... More »

Berlin Synagogue Reopens

Country’s largest synagogue survived century of strife

(Newser) - Germany’s largest synagogue has re-opened its doors after a major restoration, welcoming political leaders and Holocaust survivors to its unveiling. Built over 100 years ago, the Berlin temple was burned on Kristallnacht but the structure survived Nazism, Communism and decades of neglect. Architects re-created the original appearance with the... More »

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