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Autism Pioneer Said He Kept Kids Safe From Nazis. He Didn't

Hans Asperger 'publicly legitimized race hygiene policies,' says historian

(Newser) - Before his death in 1980, Dr. Hans Asperger said he kept his adolescent patients safe from the Nazis, a claim repeated years later by autism experts. The pediatrician—for whom Asperger's Syndrome was named in 1981—even went so far as to say he'd become a target of... More »

Tiny NY Community With Nazi Roots Hit With Big Change

Enclave in Yaphank must now allow non-Germans to buy houses there

(Newser) - An enclave of former summer bungalows, where Nazi sympathizers once marched near streets named for Adolf Hitler, is being forced to open ownership to people of non-German descent. The German American Settlement League, which once welcomed tens of thousands in the 1930s to pro-Nazi marches on eastern Long Island, has... More »

A Suicide, Racist Chats: Inside Colo. Teens' 'Fourth Reich'

Student reportedly said chat group was 'funny'

(Newser) - A student at Colorado's Boulder Preparatory school committed suicide last month "to show his allegiance to the Nazi party and the killing of Jewish people," according to a police report. The shocking revelations don't end there. Before he died, the student known online as "The... More »

'One of Best Relics of the Third Reich' Returns to Germany

2-volume 'Mein Kampf' edition with 3,500 annotations meant to 'shatter the myth'

(Newser) - An attempt to put Adolf Hitler's most famous written rants in context will be on the market in January, thanks to a three-year effort by a group of Munich historians. Ending a 70-year ban on publishing Mein Kampf in German, the team from the Institute for Contemporary History will... More »

Parents of Adolf Hitler Won't Get Kids Back

New Jersey couple loses custody of 4

(Newser) - A New Jersey married couple who decided to name their children in honor of famous Nazis—including their 6-year-old son Adolf Hitler Campbell—are now legally prohibited from regaining custody of their four children. A judge made the ruling after a lengthy legal battle that began in 2009, reports the... More »

Nazi Game Raises Furor at London School of Economics

Jewish student's nose is broken when he objects to drinking game

(Newser) - A Nazi drinking game played by students from the London School of Economics sparked a brawl and ended with a broken nose, reports the Guardian . The row occurred during a ski trip taken by 150 members of the school's athletic union to Val D'Isere in France. The confrontation... More »

Nazi Party Endorses Occupy Wall Street does the Communist Party

(Newser) - Well, this is one endorsement the Occupy Wall Street movement probably wasn't gunning for: The American Nazi Party has officially backed the Occupiers in a statement on its website . The ANP, which also calls itself a National Socialist party, writes that the Occupy Wall Street movement is “TAYLOR... More »

More Details of Nazi Past Haunt IKEA Founder

Secret service had file on Ingvar Kamprad, new book reveals

(Newser) - You may never feel the same way about buying cheap furniture again: IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad was a member of Svensk Socialistisk Samling, a new book reveals. Swedish journalist Elisabeth Åsbrink reveals a 1943 file opened on Kamprad by the secret service, which concluded Kamprad must have held “... More »

Nazi-Era Trove of 'Degenerate Art' Discovered

Subway diggers find stash of long-lost sculptures

(Newser) - A stash of sculptures that survived both the Nazis and Allied firebombing has been found by workers digging a new subway line in Berlin. The sculptures, all from early 20th-century artists, were on a list of "degenerate" artworks shunned by the Nazis for having Jewish or otherwise non-German influences... More »

Holocaust Survivor Defends Auschwitz Dance Video

Says dancing at death camp a celebration of life

(Newser) - A Holocaust survivor is defending his participation in an online video that shows him dancing to "I Will Survive" at the infamous Nazi death camp Auschwitz. Adolek Kohn, 89, and his grandchildren posted footage of themselves dancing at several locations connected to the Holocaust, as an art project celebrating... More »

Christians Boycott Beck for Church Bashing

Host says 'social justice' preaching is 'code word' for Nazism

(Newser) - For Glenn Beck, it may have just been business as usual when he compared “social justice” to Communism and Nazism last week and told parishioners to leave churches that espouse the doctrine, but the comments irked one leader enough for him to call for a boycott by all Christians.... More »

Pete Doherty Booed Off Stage for Nazi Anthem

German crowd not up for drunken rendition of 'Deutschland über Alles'

(Newser) - British rocker Pete Doherty was booed off a Munich stage after crashing a concert lineup and singing the first verse of the German national anthem—the part associated with the Nazi regime. The Babyshambles frontman and onetime Kate Moss boytoy "sang Deutschland, Deutschland Über Alles four times,"... More »

Obama Haters Carve Swastika on 18th Hole

Link to President Obama on country club green stumps police

(Newser) - The Obama-equals-Hitler folks have left us a puzzle. Vandals carved "I swastika Obama"—with the swastika facing the wrong way—on, of all places, the 18th hole of a country club golf course 40 miles north of Boston. It's unclear who did it or even when, but a... More »

Town Hall Nazi-Talk Trivializes Holocaust

(Newser) - Comparing your nemesis to a Nazi has been a "staple of American T-shirt and bumper-sticker political culture," writes Michael Gerson in the Washington Post, and such Nazi-talk has becoming a recurring element of the health care protests. "Anyone with a black felt pen and the ability to... More »

Website Proves Obama = Hitler

(Newser) - Those convinced that health care reform is just a step away from invading Poland may enjoy a new website devoted to certain undeniable comparisons between Adolf Hitler and one Barack Obama, reports Gawker. Obama Is Literally Hitler shows how encouraging greener cars, holding giant political rallies, and holding beer summits... More »

Romanians Seek to Oust Mayor Who Donned Nazi Uniform

'I like the look of it,' he explains

(Newser) - A Romanian mayor is facing calls to resign after he and his 15-year-old son appeared at a fashion show wearing Nazi uniforms and goose-stepping down the catwalk. Jewish organizations have demanded a criminal investigation, CNN reports. But the mayor had no apologies. "The swastika was very small and I... More »

Formula 1 Execs Floored by Chief's Hitler Praise

Calls for boycott after Bernie Ecclestone hails Hitler for 'getting things done'

(Newser) - Executives from the firm that owns Formula One are scrambling to do damage control after their racing boss praised Adolf Hitler as a man who could "get things done." When told the World Jewish Congress was calling for his resignation, billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, 78, also said it was... More »

Neo-Nazi Crime Jumps in Germany

(Newser) - Crimes by the radical right jumped 16% last year in Germany, where officials are warning about a surge in activity by "anarchist neo-Nazis" who incite violence at demonstrations, reports Der Spiegel. The "neo-Nazi part of the spectrum" is also "gaining greater influence" within the far-right NDP party,... More »

Nazi Prosecutor Loved Zinging 'Fat Boy' Goering

Letters offer glimpse into Nuremberg

(Newser) - Newly released letters offer a glimpse behind the scenes of the Nuremberg trials of Nazi leaders, reports the BBC. The letters that British prosecutor David Maxwell-Fyfe sent his wife reveal a playful side—he refers to Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering as "the fat boy" and "slap-happy Hermann"—... More »

Berlin Statue to Honor Would-Be Hitler Assassin

Bomb-planting carpenter finally wins national recognition

(Newser) - Berlin is planning a memorial to honor one of the unsung heroes of the Nazi era—a humble carpenter who came within minutes of assassinating Hitler. Georg Elser planted a bomb in a Munich beer hall in 1939 that nearly killed Hitler just nine weeks into World War II—but... More »

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