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If Doctors Have Their Way, You Won't See This Again

AMA says prescription drug ads are driving up the cost of drugs

(Newser) - The American Medical Association on Tuesday called for a ban on direct-to-consumer ads for prescription drugs and implantable medical devices, saying they contribute to rising costs and patients' demands for inappropriate treatment. Delegates in Atlanta voted to adopt that as official policy as part of an AMA effort to make... More »

Medicare Paid Doctor $21M in Single Year

He's one of 344 who received at least $3M in 2012

(Newser) - Medicare's books have been opened up after an extended legal battle, and perhaps the most startling detail is that a single doctor was reimbursed nearly $21 million in 2012 alone. Florida ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen was one of 344 physicians who raked in more than $3 million from Medicare that... More »

Obesity Now Officially a Disease

AMA hopes designation will help people get treatment

(Newser) - More than a third of adults and nearly a fifth of children in the US are now officially considered to have a disease: obesity. The American Medical Association has now declared obesity to be a disease, a move it hopes will influence policy changes on the same scale that sharply... More »

Is Cheerleading a Sport? Doctors Will Decide

AMA vote could help reduce cheer-related injuries

(Newser) - There are teams, uniforms, competitions, physical exertion, and plenty of injuries. But is cheerleading a sport? The NCAA says no. The American Academy of Pediatrics says yes. And now the American Medical Association will decide for itself, with a vote at its annual House of Delegates meeting this weekend, NPR... More »

More Doctors Turning Away Medicare Patients

Complain that rates, which were just cut, are too low

(Newser) - Medicare rates were cut 21% on Friday—even as more doctors say they’re limiting the number of Medicare patients they’ll see and just 6 months before millions of Baby Boomers flood the program. The American Medical Association tells the USA Today that 17% of doctors surveyed limit the... More »

AMA Mellows on Medical Marijuana

Doctors group nudges Feds toward reclassification, research

(Newser) - The American Medical Association has finally softened on marijuana, urging the government to give it a new classification that would open the door to serious research on its medical merits. Now a Schedule I drug, with no accepted medical uses, under the AMA proposal it would become a Schedule II... More »

Dems, GOP Fight Over Medicare Rates

Republicans say foes are trying to hide true cost

(Newser) - A new health care-related bill is in the spotlight on Capitol Hill, as senators battle over a Democratic proposal to freeze Medicare rates for doctors at the current rate for 10 years—overriding a 21% cut scheduled for January. Democrats say the bill, which is backed by lobbyists from the... More »

Health Industry Shakedown Imperils Reform

Obama must ignore lobbyists for insurers, doctors, drug makers

(Newser) - In dealing with pharmaceutical companies, insurers, and the AMA, President Obama should take a page from David Letterman's book and not fall prey to blackmail, writes former Labor Secretary Robert Reich. Promises the administration made to those three constituencies in exchange for staying neutral or positive about health care reform... More »

How Obama Wooed and Won the AMA: With a $228B Gift

Plan gives huge concession to doctor's group

(Newser) - Ever since its cries of “socialized medicine” killed Harry Truman’s attempt to reform health care 60 years ago, the AMA has been not only a vociferous enemy of reform, but a deep-pocketed one—only the Chamber of Commerce has spent more on lobbying over the past decade. But... More »

Police Brutality? It Could Just Be Excited Delirium

Research may help clear cops who end up with dead perps

(Newser) - New research could help exonerate police officers accused of using excessive force to restrain unruly perpetrators, New Scientist reports. So far the American Medical Association has not recognized “excited delirium,” a condition describing an agitated, combative person who exhibits superhuman strength and high body temperature—a rare condition... More »

Obama Met at Least 27 Health Industry Execs

Lawsuit prompts White House to finally release the list

(Newser) - Since February, President Obama has hosted at least 27 meetings with health industry bigwigs—representing hospitals, doctors, pharmaceuticals and insurance companies—the Huffington Post reports, in its campaign to head off resistance to health care reform. Names of the visitors were released last night, just before the president's press conference... More »

AMA Backs House Health Bill

(Newser) - The American Medical Association has given the all-clear to the health care reform bill making it way through the House, the Hill reports. The endorsement from the nation's biggest doctors' group, which helped sink President Clinton's efforts at reforming health care, gave the Democrats a boost following the Congressional Budget... More »

Hospitals Agree to $155B in Future Savings

Will accept lower payments for Medicaid, Medicare

(Newser) - The nation’s hospitals have struck a deal with White House and Senate negotiators that will save the government $155 billion over 10 years, the Washington Post reports. The hospitals will accept lower-than-expected Medicare and Medicaid payments, and a gradual reduction in the amount paid to help care for the... More »

On Health Reform, Obama Should Heed His Doc, Not AMA

Medical association is wrong yet again: Kristof

(Newser) - Its membership may abide by the Hippocratic Oath, but the American Medical Association is definitely doing the public harm in its opposition to meaningful health care reform, writes Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times. The AMA has become infamous for its lousy political stands: it supported segregation, backed tobacco,... More »

Obama: Health Care a 'Time-Bomb'

(Newser) - The current health care system is a “ticking time-bomb” for the federal budget, Barack Obama told the American Medical Association today, speaking before a crowd of doctors in Chicago. He sharply criticized the current system, which pays doctors for each test or treatment provided, saying it “has taken... More »

Obama Offers Docs Backing on Malpractice Suit Limits

President may buck Dems to win over AMA

(Newser) - President Obama is taking his case for overhauling health care to a tough audience today: The American Medical Association, which is holding its annual meeting in Chicago, came out last week against Obama's plan to offer federal insurance to compete with private insurers. But the president privately with AMA officials... More »

Docs' Group Opposes Public Health Insurance

Powerful AMA pushes against Obama, Dem proposals

(Newser) - Just as Republicans and Democrats head for a showdown on health care reform, the American Medical Association is telling Congress that it will oppose a government-sponsored insurance plan—a key, if the most controversial, piece of plans put forward by Dems with support from the White House. The AMA wants... More »

Daschle Will Play Hardball on Health Reform

Incoming HHS Secretary will avoid Hillary's pitfalls

(Newser) - Tom Daschle, Barack Obama's incoming Director of Health and Human Services, has an aggressive strategy for reforming health care, and no intentions of seeing it fizzle the way the Clintons' efforts did in 1993, reports the Los Angeles Times. The key will be reeling in major health-care interest groups, along... More »

Could Rain Trigger Autism?

Surprise link between autism and rainfall

(Newser) - US counties with higher rates of rainfall also have higher rates of autism, according to a controversial new study published by the American Medical Association. Pollutants in the precipitation, longer periods spent watching television, lower levels of vitamin D, or some other environmental factor linked to rainfall may trigger autism... More »

Half of US Docs Prescribe Placebos

Many physicians believe in psychological impact of prescriptions

(Newser) - Half of US doctors admit prescribing drugs to patients just for the placebo effect—to make them think they are taking something beneficial, reports the Chicago Tribune. As many as 56% prescribed antibiotics, painkillers, vitamins, and sedatives in cases where they didn't expect them to have any benefit physically, but... More »

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