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'Anderson Cooper' Bites Anderson Cooper

A dog, and the CNN host were involved

(Newser) - Anderson Cooper recently bit Anderson Cooper and pulled him to the ground. The Anderson Cooper doing the biting was a police dog in Norfolk, Va. The Anderson Cooper who was bitten was the CNN host. It was all thanks to his interest in Spike's K9 Fund , a nonprofit that... More »

Man Bites Police Dog

Maxx bites Delaware suspect back

(Newser) - A Delaware suspect who tried to bite his way out of a struggle with a police dog was charged with felony assault on a police animal—after he was treated for dog bites. Keith Glaspie, 22, who was wanted in connection with a shooting, was stopped by a two-year-old police... More »

Navy K-9 Unit Accused of Vicious Sex Hazing

Recruits were hog-tied, forced to simulate sex in Bahrain unit

(Newser) - A culture of vicious hazing and sexual abuse held sway at the US Navy's bomb-sniffing dog division in Bahrain for years, a Youth Radio investigation finds. Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information act state that incidents included "throwing hard balls at the groin" and "a dog attacking... More »

K9 Who Bolted Thunder Rumble Is Reunited With Partner

Chicago police dog ran off 4 days ago

(Newser) - A Chicago police dog is back home after disappearing four days ago amid a thunderstorm, the Chicago Tribune reports. A man spotted Bear, dirty but unharmed, near a cemetery yesterday. The 2-year-old German shepherd was likely hunting small animals in nearby woods, said his relieved partner, who has been chasing... More »

DVD Dogs Sniff Out Pirates

MPAA enlists canine crimefighters for battle against counterfeiters

(Newser) - Two dogs trained to sniff out counterfeit DVDs are so good at their jobs that infuriated pirates have put a bounty on their heads, Wired reports. The dogs—Labrador retrievers who were taught to detect the scent of polycarbonate—have helped locate millions of fake discs hidden in warehouses and... More »

Dogs Have a Nose for Pirates

Lucky and Flo are a trained to sniff out illegal DVDs

(Newser) - The NYPD's two cutest agents busted what cops say was a counterfeit DVD operation this week, heralding a new era in anti-piracy enforcement. Lucky and Flo, two black Labs trained to sniff out chemicals in DVDs, are just back from Malaysia, where they led authorities to 26 arrests on 35... More »

6 Stories