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14% of Motorcycle Owners Are Women

And the ladies are younger and better trained than male riders

(Newser) - More women are riding high on the hog than ever—literally. A survey by the Motorcycle Industry Council found that the ladies make up 14% of US motorcycle owners, and the ones who ride are younger, more educated, and more into motorcycle safety than their male counterparts, the Los Angeles ... More »

Coming Soon: Electric Harley

Company tries out zero-emission 'LiveWire'

(Newser) - When you think Harley-Davidson you probably think of rumbling engines, massive tailpipes, and long trips down dusty highways. But the company's newest project doesn't involve any of that. Instead, the company on Monday will unveil LiveWire, its first fully electric zero-emission bike, the AP reports. After an invitation-only... More »

Biker Buried on His Harley

Family of Billy Standley honors his wish

(Newser) - Billy Standley went out of this world the way he wanted—atop his Harley. The Dayton Daily News reports that Standley's family honored the 82-year-old's wish to be buried sitting on his beloved Electra Glide motorcycle. His sons built the see-through Plexiglas casket—because why go out on... More »

Delta the Least Respected Brand in America

Pepsi, Coca-Cola are apparently the most respected

(Newser) - Poor Delta: It gets less respect than even Denny's and cigarette maker Philip Morris. A new survey of businesspeople finds the airline is the least respected of the brands studied, Yahoo Finance reports. The most respected? PepsiCo and Coca-Cola, in a tie. CoreBrand, a branding research firm, asked respondents... More »

Pope Blesses ... Harley Davidsons?

Thousands of bikers jam St. Peter's Square for Mass

(Newser) - It was a rougher-than-usual crowd in St. Peter's Square today, with the dull roar of Harley Davidsons drowning out the "Our Father" and Pope Francis himself doling out blessings to the thousands of bikers crowding into what the AP terms "a giant Harley parking lot." The... More »

Tsunami Motorcycle Washes Up

Harley-Davidson reuniting Japanese owner with hog

(Newser) - As more tsunami debris washes up in North America , more Japanese survivors may be reunited with lost items—but there'll probably be only one motorcycle. A Harley Davidson that had drifted thousands of miles across the Pacific in a container its owner had been using as a garage was... More »

Wisc. Harley Union OKs Stark Contract

Bikemaker had threatened to leave town without steep concessions

(Newser) - A Harley-Davidson union narrowly voted today to take a pay freeze, hundreds of job cuts, and delegate substantial work to part-timers, but the motorcycle icon will stay in Milwaukee—at least for now, reports the AP. The seven-year contract passed 55%-45%, and largely because it included a one-time payment of... More »

Top 15 Boomer Brands

Levi's, Pepsi, Harley, and Facebook make the list

(Newser) - The 77 million people born between 1946 and 1964 helped make and break some of the world's great brands. Judann Pollack of Ad Age picks the top 15:
  • Levi's—Today, Levi's jeans sit desk-side on casual Fridays. But in the 1960s they were marketed with music from Jefferson Airplane.
  • Pepsi
... More »

Harley-Davidsons Roar Into India

(Newser) - Twenty-five Harley-Davidsons roared into the center of New Delhi yesterday, loudly proclaiming that the US brand is ready to take on India, the Washington Post reports. The motorcycle’s long-awaited arrival consummates the 2007 mangoes-for-motorcycles trade pact between the US and India, in which the US agreed to allow Indian... More »

Niche Cruises Set Sail

Specialty vacations offer chance to indulge motorbike, fashion and au naturale fantasies

(Newser) - Increasingly popular niche cruises offer seafarers a chance to indulge in all manner of hobbies, fantasies and obsessions on the high seas, reports Travel and Leisure: For instance:
  • Star Trek/Buffy the Vampire Slayer: This week-long cruise offers fan conventions complete with autograph-signing celebs, star-studded karaoke and a chance to dine
... More »

Dow Dives Below 8,000

Dow sees big-time dip

(Newser) - Stocks took a dive at the open, following big losses in Europe and more lousy earnings reports, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Dow tumbled 210 points to below 8,000, while the Nasdaq and S&P dove 2.1% and 2.6% respectively. Financials came under renewed pressure, with... More »

Saudis Go Hog Wild

Motorcycles catch on in Muslim country

(Newser) - In the eyes of religious conservatives, this Saudi motorcycle gang may as well be the Hell’s Angels. But the Muslim professionals in the Riyadh Harley Owners Club do pull over to pray, the Christian Science Monitor reports. Despite the region's religious taboos, strict laws, and stereotypes, motorcycle riding is... More »

All-American Harleys Take Off in Mideast

Lebanon bike tour celebrates iconic rides

(Newser) - It may seem incongruous, but in a region rife with anti-American sentiment, the all-American symbol has found a home: Harley-Davidsons are on the rise in the Middle East, even in conservative countries like Saudi Arabia. The hogs’ popularity was marked this month by Lebanon’s first-ever Harley-Davidson tour, which saw... More »

Ads Tap Into That 'Mad-as-Hell' Feeling

Companies use consumer rage to sell

(Newser) - Advertisers are feeling our pain. So they're tapping into consumer rage over rising prices by saying "we understand," and using that to sell products and services. Take a Southwest ad that asks what the competitors have been smoking. "Apparently, your rolled-up $20s," it quips. A legion... More »

Vietnam Vets in Hog Heaven

Rolling Thunder roars into DC to honor vets

(Newser) - Thousands of Harleys roared past Washington's Vietnam Veterans Memorial yesterday in what has become a Memorial Day weekend tradition: the "iron salute" of members of national veterans organization Rolling Thunder.  It's a festival of engines, leather, denim and patriotism, reports the Washington Post. More »

Hog Wild: Harley-Davidson Museum Will Open in 2008

The giant Milwaukee complex celebrates 105 years of motorcycle history

(Newser) - Elvis may have left the building, but his Harley will be there, along with a custom-built 13 footer dubbed "King Kong," when the Harley-Davidson hall of fame opens in hometown Milwaukee in 2008. The 20-acre museum hopes to draw 350,000 visitors a year, from bus loads of... More »

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