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Military Will Start Freezing Soldiers' Eggs and Sperm

It wants them to start families later and not worry about genital injuries

(Newser) - In an effort to keep young military enlistees from leaving to start a family, the Pentagon is going to start offering to freeze their eggs and sperm, the New York Times reports. According to the Military Times , nearly 72% of enlistees are 30 or younger—prime years for starting a... More »

Clinic Plans First-Ever Uterus Transplants in US

So far, 8 women have signed up at Cleveland facility

(Newser) - Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic are prepping for what they hope will be, in a few months, a US first: the transplant of a uterus into an otherwise healthy woman so she can get pregnant. A New York Times special report notes that eight healthy women from around the country... More »

Florida Fish Have Babies by 'Virgin Birth'

Smalltooth sawfish stun scientists with offspring

(Newser) - Looks like female sawfish don't need the guys so much anymore. Scientists have discovered seven examples in Florida of virgin-birth offspring by smalltooth sawfish, an endangered species whose members grow up to 25 feet in length and have long snouts studded with teeth, LiveScience reports. Their offspring may provide... More »

Scientists Uncover Big Clue as to Why Men Exist

Sexual selection, by which males compete for females, improves gene pool: study

(Newser) - Scientists have long wondered why men exist. Sex between males and females is simply not nearly as efficient as asexual reproduction. But now a group out of the UK is reporting in the journal Nature that, after looking at several years of lab-controlled procreation of the Tribolium flour beetle, they'... More »

8K Years Ago, Women Reproduced Way More Often Than Men

Scientists aren't sure why, but one theory involves successful farmers

(Newser) - Scientists are puzzling over a new discovery regarding Stone Age sex: It seems that for every 17 women who reproduced at the time, just one man did the same. The findings are based on an analysis of the DNA of 450 people from geographically diverse locations. Researchers compared Y-chromosome DNA,... More »

Apple, Facebook Perk: Egg-Freezing Coverage

May be first major employers to provide this type of coverage

(Newser) - Silicon Valley already leads in tech innovation—why shouldn't it lead in procreation, too? Facebook has expanded employee coverage to include egg freezing, and Apple will start providing similar coverage in January, company reps tell NBC News . Both companies—thought to be the "first major employers to offer... More »

How to Change a Woman's Biological Clock

An actual ticking clock can speed things up: study

(Newser) - Ladies, you know your biological clock—the one that "ticks" away as you start feeling like it might be time to reproduce? Well, it turns out the sound of an actual ticking clock can speed up your reproductive timing, making you want to have babies earlier, according to a... More »

Sorry, Men, We Barely Need Y Chromosomes

Just two genes from it are necessary to reproduce: study

(Newser) - Who needs a Y chromosome? Scientists have found that "male" mice without the sex-defining chromosome can reproduce—as long as they've got two key genes from it. A team in Hawaii worked with mice lacking full Y chromosomes; instead, they had two genes, called Sry and Eif2s3y, inserted... More »

Want a Baby? Cut Out Bacon

Study finds processed meats can lead to poor sperm quality

(Newser) - Guys, want more and better sperm? A new study by Harvard researchers found eating processed meats leads to poorer sperm quality. That means if you and your wife are trying to make a baby, it’s time to cut out the bacon. Newsy reports: More »

French Sperm Quality Takes Huge Hit

Concentration of sperm in semen falls 32.3% over 16 years: study

(Newser) - The good news: The male population of France is still fertile. The bad: Its sperm isn't nearly what it once was. A 16-year study of 26,600 of the country's men found their sperm count has sharply fallen, with the number of millions of spermatozoa per milliliter down... More »

Lab-Made Eggs Produce Healthy Mice

Points way to human infertility treatments

(Newser) - A year back, scientists in Japan produced healthy mice from lab-created sperm ; now, they've done the same with lab-made eggs. The project has big implications for humans, potentially paving the way for infertile men and women to have their own offspring. "This is quite a startling feat,"... More »

Egg Freezing: Mom, Dad's New Gift to Aging Daughters

More and more parents helping to foot the sizable bill

(Newser) - Some parents help pay for their kids' college tuition—others help foot the bill for freezing their daughters eggs? Apparently. The New York Times reports on what it paints as a growing trend: Would-be grandparents, worried about their daughter's advancing age and aware of the fact that the procedure... More »

Save Humanity: Have Sex

Sexual reproduction confers evolutionary benefits

(Newser) - Scientists have long theorized that sexual reproduction was better, evolutionarily speaking, than its asexual counterpart—and now they’ve got some evidence. Researchers in Britain found that sexually-reproducing worms were better at staying “one evolutionary step ahead” of parasites than asexual versions of the same worm, NPR reports. That... More »

The Celeb With the Most Baby Mamas Is...

Take your pick: Bob Marley, Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson all qualify

(Newser) - Times change but one thing remains constant—successful men find success with the ladies. But success at birth control? Not so much. So the Daily Beast put together an overview of some of the most notable celebrity super-spawners. Here's a list of the father(s) of all baby mamas:
  • Jack Nicholson,
... More »

Radiation Threatens Deep-Space Sex: NASA

Protons could kill embryo's eggs, cut sperm count

(Newser) - Propagating the human race far away from home could be tough: Powerful radiation in space would likely sterilize female embryos conceived there, NASA finds, and it could shrink sperm counts, too. At the moment, we don’t have the technology required to create spacecraft shielding to block the radiation, the... More »

Childlessness Soars to 18%

Social pressure to have children has eased, study finds

(Newser) - The percentage of American women who enter their 40s having never had a child has almost doubled since the 1970s to 18%, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of census data. White women are more likely than ethnic minorities to remain childless, though the gap is rapidly narrowing, the... More »

Docs: 'No One Will Need Sex to Make Babies in 10 Years'

Veterinary surgeons predict IVF will replace 'fairly inefficient' intercourse

(Newser) - Sex will become purely recreational even for couples seeking babies within a decade thanks to advances in IVF technology, predict veterinary Australian scientists. Calling the traditional form of baby-making a "fairly inefficient process" in a report published in the Reproductive BioMedicine journal, they claim in vitro fertilization methods will... More »

Higher SATs Mean More Cash for Egg Donors

Some worry about commodification as prices approach $35K

(Newser) - Smarter women—or at least those who test well—get paid more to donate eggs. "Holding all else equal, an increase of 100 SAT points in the score of a typical incoming student increased the compensation offered to oocyte donors at that college or university by $2,350,"... More »

Professional Group Expels Octomom Doc

Reproductive medicine society says Kamrava was out of line

(Newser) - Michael Kamrava, the fertility doctor who twice implanted six embryos into octomom Nadya Suleman (two embryos reportedly split into twins), has been kicked out of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. The society recommends no more than two embryos for women under 35, to reduce the risk of multiple births;... More »

'Sex Mints'? No, Thanks!

'Internal feminine flavoring' not quite what this blogger had in mind

(Newser) - The press release was so intriguing that Jen Phillips had to know more. Linger mints are being promoted as "internal feminine flavoring"—you read that right—with the catchall please-don't-sue-us warning that they're "for novelty use only." And no wonder: They're mostly sugar, which is... More »

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