Ayles Ice Island

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Record Heatwave Hits Arctic

Scientists stunned as temperatures trigger drastic change

(Newser) - Record high temperatures have hit parts of the Arctic, triggering a dramatic melt off of sea ice and tundra, and shocking scientists, reports the Independent. Temperatures as high as 72 degrees fahrenheit (22C) on Melville Island, usually one of the coldest places in North America, melted permafrost and set off... More »

Massive Ice Island Finds Itself in a Jam

Floating danger now safely wedged in canal, scientists hope

(Newser) - An ice island that became a global warming icon when it separated from the Canadian Arctic mainland is now caught in a remote channel—and scientists believe it's stuck there indefinitely. The Ayles Ice Island, born two years ago and slightly larger than Manhattan, had been moving rapidly and was... More »

2 Stories