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Newly Found Plant Eats Nickel

It has big potential in green technology

(Newser) - A newly discovered plant from the Philippines has an unusual appetite—for nickel. In a press release on the find, researchers explain Rinorea niccolifera is a nickel hyperaccumulator, meaning it can absorb up to 18,000 parts per million of the metal in its leaves. That's a "normally... More »

The Sad Death of Green Tech

David Brooks laments the fall of the bipartisan green revolution

(Newser) - Back in 2003, green technology looked like the future, and a bipartisan consensus was forming around it. David Brooks recalls getting a ride in Prius from a conservative foreign policy hawk, who touted it as an antidote to foreign oil dependency. "From that date on, the story begins to... More »

The Dirty Secret Inside Your Prius

'Rare earth' mining can hurt the environment

(Newser) - So, you bought a Prius or know someone who has. Beautiful. But look under the hood and you'll find some neodymium, one of the "rare earth" minerals that help run all kinds of green technology—and other high-tech stuff like smartphones and flat-screen TVs. So far so good,... More »

Critics Lash Gore's Green 'Profiteering'

Investment profits go back into his nonprofit, counters ex-VP

(Newser) - Al Gore is going to become the world's first "carbon billionaire" thanks to investments in firms that will profit from policies he advocates, his critics say. The ex-VP is a partner in a venture capital firm that stands to make huge profits from investments in green technology, causing accusations... More »

'Green China' Marks Sputnik of 21st Century

US ignores race for clean energy at its own peril: Friedman

(Newser) - For those who think the past year will be defined by global recession, Tom Friedman says think again. Rather, for the New York Times columnist it is Red China's decision "to become Green China" that will spur a 21st-century technological race for clean energy—in the same way that... More »

Recession Is Kaput; Now for the 'Smart Economy'

(Newser) - The Great Recession is cooling off, but Americans will feel the heat for a while—because recovery is tricky this time, Daniel Gross writes in Newsweek. Another economic bubble inflated by consumption would be a mere Band-Aid. That's why President Obama is trying to create a four-sided "smart economy"... More »

Wallop Iran Where It Hurts: Oil Revenues

Two 'green' revolutions could bring down regime: Friedman

(Newser) - Pundits and politicians are wasting their time telling Barack Obama what he should be saying about the growing "green revolution" in Iran, writes Thomas L. Friedman. The country's reformers and protesters don't need American encouragement; they need a weakened theocracy—which will only happen when oil prices go into... More »

9 Ways to Go Green and Save Green

(Newser) - Being sensitive to the environment doesn't have to cost a fortune. In fact, the green option is often the most cost-effective one. Scientific American spotlights nine ways of cutting your bills as you save the Earth:
  • Shrink your living space. Prefab homes and plans for dwellings as small as 65
... More »

Obama Signs $787B Stimulus

Liberals grumble over President's compromises

(Newser) - President Obama signed the economic stimulus bill into law today, the AP reports. In a Denver science museum chosen to underscore the bill’s investments in green technology and science education, Obama said he hoped the bill "will ignite our imagination once more, spurring new discoveries and breakthroughs that... More »

Stimulus Fight: Green Vs. Quick

Democrats battle for stimulus in 2009 infrastructure bonanza

(Newser) - As the incoming administration prepares its massive stimulus package, a divide is emerging between environmentalists, who want to prioritize "green-collar" jobs such as wind and solar power, and advocates of ready-to-go infrastructure like roads and bridges. As the Washington Post reports, each side is accusing the other of... More »

Calif. Adopts 1st US Plan to Slash Greenhouse Gases

Plan to reduce carbon emissions by 15%

(Newser) - California regulators have adopted an ambitious, comprehensive blueprint to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15% by 2020, reports the Los Angeles Times. The plan, the first of its kind in the nation, calls for 33% of the state's electric power to come from solar power and wind farms, and includes... More »

Gray Smog Conceals a Greening China

Green innovator gets unfair rap as environmental offender

(Newser) - The world's attitude toward China's environmentalism is "hypocritical and decidedly unfair," writes Fred Pearce in Yale Environment 360—this coming from someone who has "literally held my nose at the foul air." Yes, China's "development zeal" has it doing "the bad things that most... More »

Gas Prices Are Down—and That's Bad

Investment in green is our only way out of crisis, writes Friedman

(Newser) - Gas prices are dropping at last, back down to an average of less than $3 a gallon for the first time in a year. That's good news for recession-fearing consumers, writes Thomas L. Friedman, but there's a downside: the push to drive less and make Detroit build more fuel-efficient cars... More »

Biofuel Firms' African Land Grab Has Colonial Echoes

Western companies shower nations with promises met with some suspicion

(Newser) - Africa is being seeded for a coming boom in biofuels, as Western companies buy thousands of acres to cultivate vegetable-oil-rich plants like the Jatropha curcas, Der Spiegel reports. In countries like Tanzania, Ghana and Ethiopia, firms are often securing century-long farming rights for nothing but a promise to invest in... More »

Kegger-Plagued College Town Paves With Rubber

Iowa college town ditches concrete for more flexible solution

(Newser) - Sloppy keg delivery has taken its toll on sidewalks in the Campustown area popular with Iowa State University students, the Ames Tribune reports—but officials aren’t cracking under the pressure. Instead, they’re installing rubber sidewalks to replace pavement battered by years of abuse from offloaded beer barrels. Made... More »

The World's Greenest Venture Capitalist

Vinod Khosla has spent a fortune financing enviro-startups

(Newser) - Vinod Khosla isn’t just smarter and richer than the average venture capitalist—he’s greener, too. Khosla has sunk $450 million into what he calls “imprudent science experiments" over the past 4 years, financing 45 enviro-tech startups. “We've funded an incredible number of things that would make... More »

Green Housing: From Good Idea to Good Business

Architects, not automakers, have the power to halt global warming

(Newser) - With US homes on average twice as large as they were 50 years ago—and, of course, dwarfing those in all other developed countries—rethinking our idea of "home" is as crucial to cutting global warming as switching to a smaller car, says architect Edward Mazria in Fast Company.... More »

Keeping Cool Gets Thriftier

Facing big bills, Americans cut back on A/C, look for other heat-beating solutions

(Newser) - As fuel costs, and eco-guilt, creep upward, Americans are leaving the thermostat high or kicking air conditioning altogether this summer, the Wall Street Journal reports. Some two-thirds of families are reducing air-conditioning use, a poll finds, as power plants raise prices as much 30% to keep up with natural-gas hikes.... More »

Celebs Face Off in Green Arms Race

Bill Nye, Ed Begley compete for smallest carbon footprint in Calif. neighborhood

(Newser) - It could only happen in California—a pair of celebrity neighbors, actor Ed Begley Jr. and "Science Guy" Bill Nye, are involved in a contest of environmental one-upsmanship, the AP reports. Since Nye moved onto Begley’s block in Studio City 2 years ago, the two have been competing... More »

Ten Steps to Greener Sex

From recycled bikinis to fair trade condoms

(Newser) - Eco-conscious sex certainly doesn't have too enticing a ring to it, but don't discount the enjoyable ways to spice things up while doing your part to save the Earth, says From the reasonable to the wacky, they've got you, er, covered:
  • Grab French Letter condoms, the world's only
... More »

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