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Hillary's Big Accusation: Does It Stand Up to Facts?

Hillary Clinton targets Donald Trump in Democratic debate

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton made a major accusation against Donald Trump at Saturday night's Democratic debate—and was late coming back from a possible bathroom break. Those are among the media takeaways from Saturday night's Democratic debate at St. Anselm College in Goffstown, New Hampshire, between Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and... More »

It's Obama-Clinton in 2012

Year's 'most admired' man and woman could run together: Robert Reich

(Newser) - Robert Reich may have "absolutely no inside information," but the former labor secretary is making an educated guess as to the 2012 Democratic ticket: It'll be President Obama and Hillary Clinton, Reich writes on his blog . "Obama needs to stir the passions and enthusiasms of a... More »

Potential Obama Challenger in 2012 Is ... Howard Dean?

Roger Simon think it's possible, but a Dean spokesman denies

(Newser) - The jockeying is well under way among Republicans to see who will emerge as the GOP challenger to President Obama in 2012. But at Politico , Roger Simon says the White House is keeping a wary eye on a Democrat: Howard Dean. "While today it looks impossible" that Obama would... More »

Obama, Beware: Afghanistan Is 'Another Vietnam'

Domestic issues must trump unwinnable war: Dem elder statesman

(Newser) - When George McGovern hears about President Obama's plans for Afghanistan, he reluctantly reaches an unavoidable conclusion. "I can only think: another Vietnam," the 1972 Democratic presidential nominee writes in the Washington Post . "I hope I am incorrect, but history tells me otherwise." After 9 years at... More »

State Job Isn't Guarantee She Succeeds Obama: Silver

Staying out of Obama administration, popular or not, seems better role

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is a contender to be Barack Obama’s Secretary of State, but taking the job probably wouldn’t help her if she wants to succeed Obama in 2016, Nate Silver writes on FiveThirtyEight. Being part of a popular Democratic administration certainly wouldn’t hurt, but it would be... More »

How He Almost Didn't Run

Obamas struggled for months about Barack's White House bid

(Newser) - Barack Obama needed months to be persuaded that he should run for the White House, and wife Michelle, who had veto power, finally agreed on one condition: that he give up smoking. The tidbit appears in Part 1 of a seven-installment Newsweek series reported along the campaign trail on... More »

Can Obama Talk Smart to Dumbed-Down America?

Can Barack raise level of discourse without losing his audience?

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s trip to the DNC podium is expected to be the "rhetorical blockbuster of the summer," writes Sam Anderson in New York.  But is the senator up to using his oratorical sophistication to expand his popularity among Americans hooked on a junk-food diet of low-brow... More »

Hillary's Next Challenge: Paying Bills

Candidate ends race with record debt

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's White House bid made history—by ending with what is believed to be the largest presidential campaign debt ever. The New York senator had approximately $9.5 million in unpaid bills at the end of April, not to mention $11.4 of her own money that she lent... More »

Superdel Win Signals Change Dem Honchos Believe In

Victory in 'smoky backrooms of power' shows how country has shifted

(Newser) - Barack Obama clinching the Democratic nomination is a major moment in history, Eric Easter writes in Ebony, and it is the superdelegate victory that signals the biggest shift in attitudes. The candidate's win among ordinary voters of all races is hugely significant, but it is the win in "the... More »

How Obama Did It: The Delegate Strategy

Delegate-by-delegate fight led to historic upset

(Newser) - Last night was not a triumphant coronation for Barack Obama, whose campaign limped over the finish line in Montana and South Dakota. But the Illinois senator's victory over Hillary Clinton—one of the biggest upsets in US political history, writes the Washington Post—was never about glamorous wins in battleground... More »

Dems Move to End Clinton Campaign

Pelosi, Reid, Dean give superdelegates 48 hours

(Newser) - The Democratic party's three top leaders wasted no time in calling on all outstanding superdelegates this morning to make up their minds by Friday. Only a few hours after Barack Obama laid claim to the Democratic presidential nomination, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Howard Dean issued a carefully worded statement... More »

Hillary Still Dogs Barack's Campaign

Obama faces tough decision on No. 2 spot

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's non-concession speech last night left the Obama campaign with a major headache, as the New York senator left open the possibility that she might demand the second spot on the Democratic ticket. Clinton managed to take some of the spotlight from Obama even on his biggest night—a... More »

Calm and Collected, Obama Makes History

Obama has played it cool throughout his career

(Newser) - Barack Obama is not merely the first black presumptive presidential nominee of a major party—he's also only 46, having entered the Illinois state Senate just 11 years ago. He's also a brilliant, imperfect, unstoppably ambitious man with an astounding ability to remain calm throughout a manic campaign, writes the... More »

Jesse Jackson Hails Obama Victory

Civil rights leader calls win 'transformational' moment in history

(Newser) - Jesse Jackson praised Barack Obama's key victory last night as a "transformational moment" in American history, Reuters reports. "We knew this breakthrough was possible—we didn't know when or who," said the two-time presidential candidate, emphasizing the remarkable 53-year journey of African-Americans from a Mississippi lynching in... More »

Top Democrats Say Race Ends Next Week

Reid, Pelosi to push for quick resolution, good news for Obama

(Newser) - Democratic leaders say the primary fight will be over next week, making it all but certain that Barack Obama will be the nominee. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and party chief Howard Dean say they will press uncommitted superdelegates to make up their minds by midweek,... More »

'Poor Hillary' Refrain Has Hillary-Like Staying Power

Voters, rivals and pundits have been tut-tutting for years, but Clinton marches on

(Newser) - There’s Hillary Clinton, writes Libby Copeland in the Washington Post, and then there’s “Poor Hillary.” Though Barack Obama destroyed her “inevitability,” she continues to quixotically pursue the Democratic nomination, touting the power of “grit” against arithmetic, and moving op-ed writers, news anchors and... More »

Brown, Clinton Suffer Same Fate

For Clinton and Brown, Iraq is the unspoken element

(Newser) - In the last few weeks, two giants of center-left politics—Hillary Clinton in America and Gordon Brown in Britain—have seen their electoral chances reduced to near impossibility. Both have struggled as uncharismatic politicians in a media age. But for one columnist in London's Times, their trajectories have more important... More »

8 Questions on the Table in Today's Primaries

Obama and Clinton face off in what could be decisive contests

(Newser) - Voters in North Carolina and Indiana go to the polls today in what many are seeing as the last major battle in the Democratic race. The Washington Post outlines the stakes.
  1. Has Obama put the Wright controversy behind him? Pretty much, say both sides; it's a media story now.
  2. How's
... More »

Oprah Also Turned On Rev. Wright

TV star didn't want to offend her audience, friend says

(Newser) - Like Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey attended Jeremiah Wright's church but ultimately gave up on it, Newsweek reports. She went for nearly a decade, starting in 1984, and wasn't surprised by his angry sermons. But "Oprah is a businesswoman, first and foremost," a friend said. "She's always been... More »

Ex-DNC Chair Switches to Obama Camp

Andrew abandons Clinton, tells superdels to 'heal the rift'

(Newser) - Joe Andrew, a superdelegate and the Democratic Party chair during Bill Clinton's presidency, has switched his allegiance from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama, reports the AP. Andrew had endorsed Hillary on the day she announced her candidacy, but in a lengthy letter to other superdelegates he says they must rally... More »

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