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'Terrifying' Doll Gets Spotify Ad Banned

Even 'Havana' couldn't keep a UK watchdog group from banning it

(Newser) - Spotify's latest ad features a catchy popular pop tune and "a medley of horror film tropes" in the lead-up to its final tagline, per NPR : "Killer songs you can't resist." But it's just that horror theme, along with what Billboard calls a "terrifying... More »

Life Advice Tweeter Gains Massive Audience as 'Warren Buffet'

For a few days anyway

(Newser) - Lawmakers, TV hosts, even Kanye West retweeted the advice shared by @WarrenBuffet99. "Find a mentor" and "don't spend what you don’t have" were among the tips the account offered. It's "cool" to follow your dreams and be nice to strangers, the tweets continued. They... More »

You Can Buy Mike Pence's Bunny Book. Or You Can Buy John Oliver's

'Last Week Tonight' is trolling the VP, for a couple of good causes

(Newser) - John Oliver did a segment on Mike Pence during Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight, focusing mostly on all the positions the vice president holds that Oliver finds distasteful—among them his opposition to women in the military, abortion rights, and LGBT rights. But Oliver promised Pence supporters he'... More »

Hillary Rolls Out Fake 'Trump U' Infomercial

It's part of Clinton's pivot to the general election

(Newser) - Want to attend Trump University? Well, it's currently shuttered and embroiled in two lawsuits claiming fraud at the school—allegations revived Saturday in a biting, fake infomercial by Hillary Clinton's campaign, Time reports. "Donald Trump is world-famous for making a fortune from being famous for having a... More »

Another N. Korean Parody Apparently Bites the Dust

Paramount reportedly asks theaters not to air decade-old 'Team America'

(Newser) - If you were planning to get your North Korea parody fix from a theater screening of Team America: World Police in lieu of Sony's now-pulled The Interview , it's time for Plan C. Paramount Pictures reportedly told theaters that were planning on protesting the Interview decision by showing Team ... More »

Colbert Punks Palin, Buys

He scoops up URL similar to one for her online channel

(Newser) - For those who don't want to pay $9.95 per month for Sarah Palin's new online TV channel , Stephen Colbert proposed an alternative on last night's Colbert Report : his $9.94 "Angry Echo Chamber," undercutting the "24/7 Palintainment" package by a penny. He was... More »

'Dumb Starbucks' Shut Down, Mastermind Revealed

Comedy Central star was brains behind parody

(Newser) - Looks like " Dumb Starbucks " has served its last Dumb Frappuccino. LA County health inspectors shut down the "parody coffee shop" yesterday, soon after comedian Nathan Fielder revealed himself as the brains of the operation, reports the Los Angeles Times . The Canadian funnyman hosts the Comedy Central show... More »

New LA Coffee Shop: 'Dumb Starbucks'

No one's really sure what's going on at Los Feliz storefront

(Newser) - Well, this is strange: A new coffee shop calling itself " Dumb Starbucks " has opened in a Los Angeles neighborhood. "Dumb Starbucks" uses the Starbucks logo and Starbucks beverage names, just with "dumb" attached to every name—so Dumb Caramel Macchiato, Dumb Frappuccino, etc. There are even... More »

New York: Sorry, Our Video Parodying Secrecy Is Secret

Andrew Cuomo denies Freedom of Information Act request

(Newser) - Isn't government secrecy funny? Andrew Cuomo thought so, so the New York governor—who campaigned on a promise of transparency—shot a video with his aides last year poking fun at the reputation for secrecy he's earned since. It was played during the Albany press corps' gala last... More »

Kimmel: Pay Newt to STFU

It's time for Gingrich to go away, comedian says

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich knows he won't be president . But he's not dropping out of the race, because he's $4.5 million in debt and still needs to raise money. "You know, he's got a huge debt, he wants to keep spending, very presidential if you think... More »

Rutgers Slams Student Paper's Pro-Hitler Parody

Fake article attributed to Jewish student

(Newser) - A student at Rutgers has filed a complaint after a parody newspaper printed a pro-Hitler story with his byline. The university is investigating the situation as a bias incident, the AP reports. The piece, titled "What About the Good Things Hitler Did?," was attributed to Aaron Marcus, a... More »

Casa de Mi Padre Is a One-Trick Pony

And that one trick is in Spanish

(Newser) - Will Ferrell made a movie in Spanish? Yep. Ferrell's latest flick Casa de Mi Padre is an entirely subtitled affair, sending up low-budget telenovelas. Critics are lukewarm on the results—some appreciate its zaniness, but many liken it to an overlong sketch.
  • "As tickled as I was by
... More »

Rick Perry Ad Inspires Wave of Parodies

Atheists, rabbis, National Lampoon ridicule 'Strong' spot

(Newser) - If all press is good press, then Rick Perry's in luck. His "Strong" campaign ad — now the most-"disliked" campaign video on YouTube—certainly has people talking. Its message about gays in the military, prayer in schools, and the "War on Christmas" has inspired a wealth... More »

McCain Parody Driven Offline by Meghan

'Highly offensive to a reasonable person,' says lawyer

(Newser) - A parody of the Valley Girl-speak of Meghan McCain's "political" writing sounds, gee, so much like Meghan McCain that she's threatening to sue. "Firstly in the first place, some people had a question about my very obvious statement, 'I don’t necessarily agree that Rick... More »

Russia TV Edits Out Medvedev Dance Parody

Kremlin says it had nothing to do with decision

(Newser) - In the annals of Russian censorship, this barely makes a ripple. But it's a great excuse to run video of Dmitry Medvedev grooving at a college reunion. The video went viral in Russia when it first surfaced, and a comedy troupe recently won top prize in a TV competition... More »

Forever 21 Threatens Blogger Who Mocks It

Apparently, clothing retailer can't handle being poked at

(Newser) - Forever 21, the "fast fashion" store known for its cheap designer knockoffs, is threatening to sue the creator of the website WTForever21 —because, among other reasons, the store doesn't appreciate being associated with the "F-word." Rachel Kane, who created the satire blog, talks to the... More »

Stewart's Entire Show an Epic Beck Parody

If Glenn Beck's show is ending, it must be the end of the world: ' Daily Show '

(Newser) - Glenn Beck's Fox show will soon be no more, and Jon Stewart seized the moment last night, offering a glasses-wearing, chalkboard-scrawling send-up of Beck's program. By analyzing facts and figures—ranging from Charles Manson to the Bible—Stewart was able to determine that Beck’s departure can only mean one... More »

Facebook Moves to Stomp Lamebook

Outgoing links blocked; Facebook blames error

(Newser) - The Facebook/Lamebook feud appears to have stepped up a notch. Facebook has blocked outgoing links to the parody site, removed its fan page, and prevented Lamebook visitors from "liking" posts, TechCrunch reports. Lamebook filed a lawsuit against Facebook earlier this month seeking First Amendment protection, and Facebook filed a... More »

Debate Rages Over Obama Hip-Hop Parody

Epithet-hurling Baracka Flacka Flames gets down in the 'hood

(Newser) - An epithet-laced hip-hop parody of President Obama has triggered furious debate: Is the hit YouTube video an "antidote" for Obama's popularity troubles among youth or an "anti-valentine" from those voters whose support the president craves, asks the Christian Science Monitor. The slick "Head of the State" video... More »

Twitter, YouTube Get Movie Trailers

Fake movies look better than 'The Social Network'

(Newser) - The debut of the melodramatic trailer for The Social Network—aka "the Facebook movie"—was basically guaranteed to be followed by parodies. Luckily, the spoofs are pretty darn hilarious. So far Twitter (sample line: "I need to create a way to blog that is as random and... More »

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