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Brits Feud Over Killing Gadhafi

Army chief at odds with government over targeting leader

(Newser) - The head of Britain's armed forces is embroiled in a public dispute with government ministers over the legality of killing Moammar Gadhafi. Gen. David Richards, apparently wary of "mission creep," has rejected ministers' suggestions that Gadhafi is a legitimate target for assassination, reports the Daily Mail . Targeting Gadhafi... More »

British Troops Pull Out Of Basra

UK ready to hand over city to Iraq army

(Newser) - British troops yesterday began pulling out of the center of Basra as they prepared to hand over control of the southern port city to the Iraqi army. A small UK force of about 500, which had been headquartered in Saddam Hussein's former palace, moved to Basra's airport, reports the Guardian.... More »

2 Stories