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Restricting Calories Could Improve Longevity

At least it does in rhesus macaque monkeys

(Newser) - Studies on a wide range of species have found that calorie restriction almost always extends lifespan—and this is true in yeast, worms, flies, mice, and more. But whether this applies to primates has been the subject of considerable debate since studies by two highly reputable organizations have reported such... More »

Fountain of Youth for Your Brain: Slashing Calories

Calories-restricted diets release CREB1, the key to brain health

(Newser) - Scientists have long known that calorie-restricted diets— as in 30% fewer calories than normal —are a key to living longer and keeping your brain healthier. But now, for the first time, they think they know why: Apparently extreme calorie restriction triggers a brain protein, CREB1, that unlocks good genes... More »

Weight Watchers Revamps Points System

Diet giant now emphasizes unprocessed foods

(Newser) - Weight Watchers has totally overhauled its legendary points system to reflect changing perceptions about how the body processes food, the first change since its inception in 1997, the New York Times is reporting. Fruits, veggies, and whole foods are generally good, meaning points free, while processed foods should be eaten... More »

To Cheat Death, Eat Less

15% reduction in your diet at age 25 could add 4½ years to your life, researchers think

(Newser) - Call it the Refrigerator of Youth: Eating less could add nearly 5 years to your lifespan, LiveScience reports. Even scholars dismissive of anti-aging hype concede that a more moderate eating approach could bear fruit. "There is plenty of evidence that calorie restriction can reduce your risks for many common... More »

Let Them Eat Less Cake, Live Longer

Boomers radically restricting calories to live longer

(Newser) - Once a fringe theory, calorie restriction is now the latest front in the boomer battle for never-ending youth. Increasing numbers of people are restricting their diet to a quarter of what they theoretically need in an effort to increase lifespan. "You have to be willing to stick to it,... More »

5 Stories