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Tilt of Your Phone Could Spill Your Data to Hackers

They could get your PINs and passwords by exploiting device sensors: study

(Newser) - Under the right conditions, hackers could theoretically exploit a built-in feature in smartphones to steal passwords and PINs, and it all comes down to the tilt users employ and the way they type, the Guardian reports. In a study published in the International Journal of Information Security , Newcastle University researchers... More »

Garbage Cam Airs Dirty Trash Habits

Camera phone posts pictures of garbage on Facebook, encourages recycling

(Newser) - Now on Facebook: Your garbage. Or at least, the garbage of five households who signed up for a Newcastle University program that posts photos of every item dumped in one garbage can on Facebook. Hoping to raise consciousness about recycling efforts, it uses a sensor and a camera phone to... More »

2 Stories