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Sorry, FDIC Can't Guarantee Interest on That CD

When selling failed banks, Feds allow buyers to slash expected payout

(Newser) - There’s a little-publicized part of your bank deposit the FDIC doesn’t insure, and it’s driving scrupulous savers up the wall. The logic is simple enough: When the FDIC takes over a failed bank and resells its assets, it allows buyers to alter interest rates, particularly on CDs.... More »

Banks Boost Interest Rates to Lure Deposits

'Price war' increases pressure on profit margins, loan funds

(Newser) - Banks are boosting interest rates on deposits in an effort to increase the supply of cash available for lending, resulting in what one consultant calls a "national price war," the Wall Street Journal reports. Many banks are pinched between the desire to build up deposits and the shrinking... More »

Fed Could Take Credit Crunch Fix to the Bank

Interest rates may drop, but deposit rates could go with them

(Newser) - If you have CDs or a savings account, you may be contributing, soon enough, to the solution to the credit market upheaval, the LA Times reports. Some investors expect the Federal Reserve to cut short-term interest rates next month, a move that could inspire banks to raise money elsewhere by... More »

3 Stories