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Kid Rock's Assistant Killed in Crash at Singer's House

He was driving an ATV

(Newser) - Kid Rock's assistant was killed in an ATV accident at a suburban Nashville property belonging to the singer, reports the AP . The Tennessean reports that 30-year-old Michael Sacha was found lying face down on the side of a driveway of Rock's White Creek house early Monda. Nashville Fire... More »

Woman Who Survived Plane Crash Killed in ATV Wreck

Melanie Coffee's baby died in last year's Cessna accident in Alaska

(Newser) - Troopers in St. Mary's, Alaska, say a 26-year-old woman was killed this week after she crashed her ATV into a tree while drunk, reports Alaska Public Media . But Melanie Coffee's death has another tragic twist, thanks to a different crash near St. Mary's less than a year... More »

6-Year-Old Hits Parkway on ATV, Mom Frantic

Autistic boy slips away on family visit to park

(Newser) - Drivers on the Bronx River Parkway were a little surprised to see a 6-year-old driving his miniature ATV beside them last night. The boy's mom was even more surprised to discover him missing. It started on a family trip to a park in Mount Vernon, New York, where the... More »

Olympic Champ Severs Her Spine in ATV Crash

Crash almost killed swimmer Amy Van Dyken Rouen

(Newser) - One of America's greatest Olympic swimmers is in the hospital with a severed spine after an all-terrain vehicle accident that almost killed her. Amy Van Dyken Rouen, 41, was airlifted to the hospital after the crash in Arizona, reports the AP . She is now in good condition, but her... More »

Groom Dies in Accident Just Hours After Wedding

A truly tragic ending to a joyous day

(Newser) - Just hours after celebrating his wedding, Nicholas Hoag was dead. The 25-year-old was the passenger on his brother’s ATV around 11:30pm Saturday night when it crashed into a tree, overturned, and pinned him to the ground. His wedding reception had been held that night at a nearby inn... More »

Dave Matthews Saxophonist Dies

LeRoi Moore succumbed to complications from ATV injuries

(Newser) - Dave Matthews Band saxophonist LeRoi Moore, one of the group's founding members, is dead, reports E!Online. The 46-year-old musician and arranger died yesterday in a Los Angeles hospital from complications linked to injuries Moore suffered in an ATV accident on his Virginia farm nearly two months ago. Matthews announced... More »

Europe to Launch Space Truck

Automated vehicle can haul tons of supplies to space station

(Newser) - Europe is about to launch its most sophisticated spacecraft ever, the BBC reports. The “Jules Verne,” set to take off tomorrow, will deliver supplies to the International Space Station while nudging the station higher into its orbit to prevent it from falling to Earth. The freighter is fully... More »

Off-Roaders, Greenies Spar Over Western Lands

ATV-riders also vie with quieter nature lovers

(Newser) - Outdoor enthusiasts are bickering with the feds and each other over the use of federally owned lands in Colorado, Utah, and Montana, the New York Times reports. Off-roading fans of motorcycles, pick-ups, and ATVs are butting heads with quieter explorers who hike or ride horseback and want to preserve the... More »

Ten-Year-Old Spends Night in Mine Shaft With Sister's Body

Girl's ATV drove into unmarked 125-foot drop

(Newser) - A 10-year-old girl spent the night in an abandoned Arizona mine shaft with the body of her 13-year-old sister, who was killed when the ATV she was driving fell into the unmarked 125-foot shaft. Rescuers searching all night failed to find the shaft until morning because the entrance was concealed... More »

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