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Survivalist Who Killed State Trooper Hears Fate

Eric Frein taunted cops after 2014 ambush

(Newser) - A survivalist who eluded police in northeast Pennsylvania for seven weeks after killing a state trooper in a 2014 ambush has been sentenced to death. Eric Frein, 33, was found guilty last week on charges including first-degree murder, the BBC reports. The jury deliberated for five hours Wednesday before deciding... More »

Mother Sentenced to Death in Daughter's Honor Killing

The Pakistani woman disapproved of the girl's choice of husband

(Newser) - A Pakistani mother who burned her daughter to death because she disapproved of the teen's marriage now faces death herself. A judge in eastern Lahore convicted Parveen Bibi of killing Zeenat Rafiq a week after the 18-year-old's unapproved marriage to her boyfriend, reports Reuters . Authorities say Bibi lured... More »

Actor Murdered Neighbors to Pay for Honeymoon

Daniel Wozniak sentenced to die for grisly killings

(Newser) - When struggling actor Daniel Wozniak couldn't afford the fancy wedding and honeymoon he wanted, he decided to murder his friends and neighbors instead of going for a cheaper option. The 32-year-old former resident of Costa Mesa, Calif., was sentenced to death Friday for the 2010 killings of Samuel Herr,... More »

SCOTUS Nixes White Jury's Death Penalty for Black Man

29 years after Timothy Foster's sentence, court finds prosecutors kept blacks off jury for racial reasons

(Newser) - In a ruling Vox says "could have a big impact on racism in the justice system," the Supreme Court on Tuesday tossed a death sentence rendered almost 30 years ago against a Georgia black man, voting 7-1 that state prosecutors kept African-Americans off the jury that convicted him,... More »

Pregnant Woman's Father to Die for Her 'Honor Killing'

Farzana Parveen's father, brother, cousins will appeal

(Newser) - A Pakistani court has sentenced a father, brother, and two cousins to death after they used stones and bricks to murder a pregnant relative who married without the family's consent. The decision came yesterday, months after Farzana Parveen 's "honor killing" outside a Lahore courthouse in May... More »

Iran May Spare Woman Who Killed Would-Be Rapist

Reyhaneh Jabbari accused of killing man during rape attempt

(Newser) - Iranian authorities may have decided not to execute Reyhaneh Jabbari, who has faced the gallows since 2009 after being convicted of killing a man she says tried to rape her, the LA Times reports. Authorities are working to commute the death sentence against the 26-year-old woman, an Iranian judiciary spokesman... More »

Woman Sentenced to Death for Christianity Gives Birth

Meriam Yehya Ibrahim's husband hasn't been allowed to see her, baby

(Newser) - The 27-year-old Sudanese woman sentenced to death for refusing to renounce Christianity gave birth in prison this morning, her lawyer confirms. Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, who was sentenced to be hanged two years after having her baby , has also had her 20-month-old son in prison with her since late February. She... More »

Egypt Condemns 683 to Death

Youth movement that helped bring down Mubarak banned

(Newser) - An Egyptian court has sentenced 683 people—among them the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood —to death after an attack on a police station last year that killed a cop. The verdict was met by an outpouring of grief from crowds outside the court, as well as condemnation from... More »

Tennessee Apparently Quite Eager to Execute People

State requests execution dates for 10 inmates

(Newser) - Since 1960, Tennessee has executed just six people. If the state has its way, however, 10 more prisoners could be dead in the near future. Officials have asked the state Supreme Court for execution dates for the death row inmates, in what the Tennessean calls an "unprecedented push,"... More »

Flynt Doesn't Want Guy Who Paralyzed Him Executed

There's no proof death penalty is a deterrent, he writes in column

(Newser) - Joseph Paul Franklin is set to be executed next month for a series of murders. Franklin also shot and paralyzed Hustler publisher Larry Flynt in 1978—but Flynt doesn't want him executed, he reveals today in a guest column for the Hollywood Reporter . "Supporters of capital punishment argue... More »

Fort Hood Victims May be Questioned by Their Shooter

Suspect Nidal Hasan is representing himself, so victims may have to face him on the stand

(Newser) - When a judge ruled that Fort Hood shooting suspect Nidal Hasan is allowed to represent himself in court , she warned him it would be a "disadvantage." But there's a pretty huge downside for the prosecution as well: Hasan may well get to cross-examine the very victims he... More »

An Infamous Death-Row Teen Goes Free

Paula Cooper, sentenced at 16, saw death sentence commuted

(Newser) - In 1985 at age 15, Paula Cooper was arrested for the murder of a 78-year-old Indiana Bible study teacher. The following year she was sentenced to death, making the then-16-year-old the youngest person on Death Row. Controversy followed, over her age and the purported racism in the criminal justice system... More »

Jodi Arias Stuck in Limbo: Jury Split on Sentence

Now a new jury must be selected

(Newser) - First Jodi Arias said she wanted the death penalty; then, she made a long case against it . Now, it seems, the jury can't make up its mind either: It split 8-4 in favor of the death penalty. That left the judge to declare a mistrial, with another effort set... More »

Jodi Arias: Give Me Death Penalty

'Death is the ultimate freedom'

(Newser) - Now that she's been convicted of murder , Jodi Arias would prefer the death penalty to life in prison, she told Fox 10 Phoenix immediately after the verdict was given. "The worst outcome for me would be natural life ... Longevity runs in my family, and I don't want... More »

Scott Peterson Appeals Death Sentence

Lawyer alleges juror misconduct, bias, evidence problems

(Newser) - Scott Peterson is still protesting his innocence in the murder of pregnant wife Laci in 2002, and has filed an automatic appeal of his death sentence with the California Supreme Court. Peterson was sentenced in 2004 after a highly publicized trial, and his lawyer argues in the 423-page document that... More »

600 Miles and 25 Years Apart, Brothers Sentenced to Die

Rodney, Roger Berget led troubled lives

(Newser) - Twelve years after his older brother Roger Berget was executed for killing a man, Rodney Berget sits on South Dakota's death row awaiting his own death sentence. Roger was convicted in 1987 of murdering a man for his car and was put to death in Oklahoma at age 39;... More »

Iran Lifts Death Sentence for American 'Spy'

Amir Mirzai Hekmati's case wasn't 'complete': high court

(Newser) - Iran's Supreme Court judges have overturned an American's death sentence for alleged spying , saying that his case was "not complete." The high court has handed Amir Mirzai Hekmati's case to an affiliate court, the BBC reports. Hekmati was convicted of "co-operating with a hostile... More »

New Death Sentences Hit 35-Year Low

Just 78 sentenced this year: new report

(Newser) - The number of death sentences handed down this year dropped 30% compared to last, hitting the lowest level in 35 years, according to a new report. Just 78 people were sentenced to death this year—marking "the first time we've had fewer than 100 new death sentences in... More »

Supreme Court Rules Against Ex-Panther on Death Sentence

Abu-Jamal case goes back to appeals court

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has reversed a ruling that would have nullified the death sentence of Mumia Abu-Jamal. The former Black Panther, convicted in the shooting of a Philadelphia police officer back in 1981, has argued that racism pervaded his trial and sentencing, and that there weren’t enough blacks on... More »

Lifer Seeks Better Life on Death Row

Killer eyes amenities that come with capital punishment

(Newser) - Living on death row looks like a better deal than dying as a lifer, convicted killer Billy Joe Johnson told a California jury yesterday. "You get out of your confined cell a little more," said Johnson, whose trial has moved to the penalty phase after he was found... More »

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