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Record Number Enrolled in Medicaid

One in 6 Americans now in federal anti-poverty programs

(Newser) - The recession has sent a record one in six Americans into federal anti-poverty programs, according to a new USA Today survey. More than 50 million are now enrolled in Medicaid, a number that has jumped 17% since the recession’s official start in December 2007. “Virtually every Medicaid director... More »

eBay Launches Microfinance Loan Site

Users can lend money to the world's poor... and earn interest

(Newser) - EBay's newly launched MicroPlace lets users make loans through PayPal or a bank account to needy entrepreneurs worldwide. The idea? Even small sums can help poor people build businesses to raise themselves out of poverty. The site's founder remembers one Bangladeshi woman who bought a handloom, thus earning enough to... More »

NYC to Pay the Poor for Good Parenting

Bloomberg foots part of the tab for new anti-poverty program

(Newser) - Mayor Bloomberg is flying in the face of liberals and conservatives alike with a new antipoverty program, and paying some of it out of his own pocket. He’s raised more than $40 million that he plans to give it to poor parents for certain tasks, like going to the... More »

3 Stories