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Vanilla Ice: Arrest a 'Misunderstanding'

Rapper wishes world would focus on the 'good things'

(Newser) - Vanilla Ice wishes the world "would focus on all the good things I've done" ( like this , probably) rather than on the allegations that he's a burglar. The 47-year-old rapper-turned-home-renovator, real name Robert Van Winkle, was booked into a Florida jail yesterday and then released; he's... More »

Andy Dick Arrested While Riding Bike

Police nab him on suspicion of stealing a man's necklace

(Newser) - The latest trouble for Andy Dick : Los Angeles police arrested the comedian on suspicion of grand theft last night in Hollywood. TMZ , which first reported the arrest, said Dick allegedly stole the necklace of a man he encountered on Hollywood Boulevard last week. Police saw Dick riding his bike late... More »

Cessna Pilot Spots Thief at His Own House

He foils theft after spying suspicious man from the air

(Newser) - A sharp-eyed pilot foiled a theft at his Florida home after spotting a suspicious character from the air during a fly-by. After seeing an unfamiliar truck in his driveway, David Zehntner watched a man peer into his windows before driving off with his trailer attached to a pickup, NBC reports.... More »

Cops: TSA Agent Took $50K in Electronics From Bags

He allegedly sold iPads, cameras online—often before his shift ended

(Newser) - Passengers traveling through a Florida airport might have noticed their luggage feeling a little lighter upon landing. Police say a TSA agent at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport was caught shoving a passenger's iPad down his pants, and that's just the beginning, reports CBS Miami . The agent—responsible for... More »

Lenny Dykstra Slapped With Fraud, Theft, Drug Charges

Other than 23 felony charges, just a regular day for ex-ballplayer

(Newser) - During his baseball career, Lenny Dykstra was known for his penchant for getting dirty, and now he's really having trouble staying clean. The former Mets and Phillies player was charged today with nearly two dozen felony counts of fraud, grand theft, and drug possession, reports the Los Angeles Times ... More »

Lohan Case Returns to Court ... Without Her

She doesn't have to appear in hearing over necklace theft case

(Newser) - Things may be looking up for Lindsay Lohan—for the first time in months, she has a court date and isn't required to appear. Despite being sentenced to serve 120 days in jail at her last appearance, her case was downgraded from felony grand theft to a misdemeanor, which... More »

Ohio Drivers Scramble for Cash After $200K Spill

Police trying to track down motorists, missing cash

(Newser) - Police in Columbus, Ohio have warned motorists who took part in a roadside cash grab this week that cash that falls out of the back of an armored car doesn't count as free money. A blizzard of cash coated an intersection after a bag of cash bounced out of the... More »

Astor Lashed Camilla for Bedding Prince

(Newser) - Caustic socialite Brooke Astor lashed Camilla Parker Bowles for perpetuating the "family mistress business" by sleeping with Prince Charles even while he was married to Diana, reports the Guardian. "Your grandmother would be proud of you," snorted Astor, referring to Camilla's great-grandmother, who was believed to be... More »

UCLA Body Parts Peddler Found Guilty

Businessman carved up donated cadavers to sell parts for profit

(Newser) - A businessman who carved up bodies donated to UCLA's medical school and sold them off to research companies has been found guilty of grand theft, the Los Angeles Times reports. Ernest Nelson raked in over $1.5 million from the scheme, which he conspired to carry out with the director... More »

Millionaire's Thievery Ruins Priceless Books

Iranian millionaire sliced pages from valuable volumes

(Newser) - An Iranian scholar and millionaire sliced pages from extremely rare volumes at the British Library, some dating back to the 16th century, to replace missing sections in his own book collection, reports the Independent. Farhad Hakimzadeh, who pleaded guilty to theft and faces prison time, removed pages from a reported... More »

Caylee's Mom Charged With Theft, Fraud

Faces 3rd arrest as protesters dog suspected killer

(Newser) - Casey Anthony, the mother of missing 3-year-old Caylee, was officially charged yesterday with grand theft, ID fraud and check forgery involving a friend, Florida Today reports. After being busted on child neglect—and the theft charges unconnected to her daughter’s disappearance—Anthony could now face a third arrest on... More »

Goth Bonnie & Clyde Busted in $7.5M Heist

Luckless pair go from folk heroes to figures of ridicule in song

(Newser) - Lover of vampire novels Roger Dillon and girlfriend Nicole Boyd—dubbed the "goth Bonnie and Clyde" on a popular Internet site—thought they'd planned the perfect crime. Dillon worked at an Ohio armored car firm, where he gleaned valuable inside info. On Thanksgiving weekend, he and Boyd looted $7.... More »

Hsu Surrenders; Campaigns Lick Wounds and Revisit Vetting

So many donors, so little time?

(Newser) - Fugitive financier Norman Hsu surrendered to a San Mateo, CA, court yesterday, and was released on $2 million bail, leaving political types to wonder how someone with an outstanding grand theft charge could slip under the radar of so many campaigns, especially the experienced hands who let him donate and... More »

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