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Politician: Roadkill Collection Should Be Legal

Tink Nathan wants to legalize gathering of dead animals

(Newser) - Is your average roadkill a stomach-churning mess, or tonight's dinner? A Texas politician says it will become the latter if he wins a seat in the Texas House of Representatives and succeeds in pushing his agenda, NBC News reports. Tink Nathan, a 72-year-old Republican, wants to rescind the state'... More »

Roadkill Permits? Montana's Getting an App for That

To find dinner, hit the road; or the gas when you see an animal in the road

(Newser) - Roadkill: It's what's for dinner in Montana—and now it's even legal, as a new law went into effect today allowing Montanans to harvest meat from animals who meet their untimely end on the road. As the AP reports, should you find yourself snacky on the roadside... More »

Drunk Man Busted Trying to Revive Roadkill

Long-dead Pennsylvania possum gets mouth-to-mouth from passerby

(Newser) - A central Pennsylvania man has been charged with public drunkenness after witnesses spotted him by the side of the road attempting to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a dead possum. Donald Wolfe, 55, was also waving his hands around as though conducting a seance. He was "extremely intoxicated" and "... More »

Buffalo Restaurant Busted While Butchering Deer

Inspector finds Chinese restaurant's crew chopping up deer carcass

(Newser) - An inspector has shut down a Chinese restaurant after finding its workers butchering a deer on the premises, the Buffalo News reports. Health officials, who arrived at the restaurant after a tip, aren't sure if the animal was hunted or roadkill—or what the China King had planned for the... More »

Woman Claims Roadkill Is Bloodsucking Monster

Texan says 'chupacabra' killed her chickens

(Newser) - It's hairless with large ears, big fangs and grayish skin. So it must be the legendary bloodsucking creature known as the chupacabra (translation: "goat sucker"), according to Texan Phylis Canion, who scooped up the curious roadkill and stuffed it in the freezer for posterity. She's saving it... More »

5 Stories