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Philly PD Admits Its SUV Was Masked as Google Maps Vehicle

SUV decked out with technology to spy on drivers (and fake Google decal)

(Newser) - The Philly PD has a "mystery" on its hands, and it involves one of its own vehicles. On Wednesday, a University of Pennsylvania professor spotted an SUV near the Philadelphia Convention Center, souped up with two high-tech license-plate readers and a placard linking it to the Pennsylvania State Police—... More »

Philly Police Offer Kanye West a Job

And a debt-reduction plan

(Newser) - More good news for Kanye West: First, fans set up a website to raise money for him after he announced that he was $53 million in debt . And now the Philly police department is reaching out with a job offer: "We R hiring," reads the tweet . "Starting... More »

Philly Police Make Super Odd Anti-Drug PSA

It'll look familiar to anyone who watched Saved By The Bell

(Newser) - Why make your own PSA when you can just reuse one from the 1990s? That’s apparently the logic of the Philadelphia Police Department, which on Aug. 4 released an anti-drug PSA that probably looks familiar. It’s essentially the same one aired during a 1991 episode of Saved By ... More »

Dog Tale Has Happy Ending

Vigorous chase leads to heart-melting

(Newser) - Two Philly cops engaged in an intense chase yesterday, using their cruisers and their feet as they took to the streets in pursuit of a fugitive, Inquirer columnist Jill Porter reports. The hour-long hunt ended with the apprehension of a terrified youngster and moved one of the arresting officers to... More »

Philly Fires 4 Cops Involved in Taped Beating

Commissioner makes call after reviewing video

(Newser) - The Philadelphia police fired four officers today, 2 weeks after they were videotaped taking part in the beating of three black suspects, the Inquirer reports. Nineteen cops were involved in apprehending the men, who were pulled from a car as a news helicopter filmed. A sergeant was demoted and three... More »

Philly Cops Probe NFL Star in Shooting

Man was shot and child injured outside Harrison's bar

(Newser) - Police have questioned Indianapolis Colts star Marvin Harrison about a shooting outside his Philadelphia bar this week, the Indianapolis Star reports. Details are vague so far: A man was shot in the hand, doctors treated a child hurt by shattered glass, and “a vehicle that was on the highway”... More »

Missing Dog Case Takes Cruel Turn

Teen charged after owner receives harrowing calls

(Newser) - Philly police have arrested a 15-year-old in the case of a gentle brown dog whose disappearance led to a cruel chain of events for her owner. The youth and others called up the distraught owner after Edna's disappearance, demanded a ransom, then made a dog yelp in pain as he... More »

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