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James Franco's Bald Head Stars at Venice Film Festival

New look is for a new movie

(Newser) - Ah, James Franco. Whether he's working behind the camera or in front of it, it's nice to know that his good looks and slick haircut are always—wait, what? Yes, Franco's coif has been cropped. The now-bald star documented the shave—it's for his upcoming film,... More »

YouTube Sending 10 Films to Venice Film Festival

2 US films make the cut

(Newser) - The Venice Film Festival is truly coming into the 21st century: This year's festival will include screenings of 10 short films submitted by YouTube. The films were chosen as part of the site's first Your Film Festival contest, overseen by Ridley Scott, the AP reports. Finalists, which included... More »

Sofia Coppola Wins Big at Venice Film Fest

Her 'Somewhere' takes home Golden Lion prize

(Newser) - Sofia Coppola took home the top prize at the Venice Film Festival for Somewhere, her film starring Stephen Dorff as an actor connecting with his daughter, Elle Fanning. "This film enchanted us from its first screening,” said Quentin Tarantino, who headed the jury. “It has the artistry... More »

Film Fest Fans Scratch Heads Over Joaquin

Venice as confused as everyone about actor's bizarre filmed journey

(Newser) - First critics were stumped, now film festival fans are just as perplexed after seeing Joaquin Phoenix's latest movie and are still wondering: is he punking us or is he in the throes of a serious mental collapse? "There is no hoax," director Casey Affleck told reporters at the... More »

New Wave Filmmaker Eric Rohmer Dead at 89

Pioneering Frenchman directed 50+ films

(Newser) - Eric Rohmer, a leading light of the French New Wave and a prolific filmmaker for over 4 decades, died today in Paris. He was 89. Overshadowed early in his career by Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut, Rohmer made his mark with his "Six Moral Tales," released from... More »

Male Stripper Flings Self at Clooney

Venice fan: 'I think I am in love with you...Please take me'

(Newser) - In Venice for the film festival screening of his new movie, The Men Who Stare at Goats, George Clooney showed off new girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis—and fended off at least one aspiring boyfriend. The fan stripped down to his skivvies during a press conference, urging Clooney to "please take... More »

Clooney Unveils New Gal in Venice

Berlusconi-esque: Elisabetta Canalis is Italian TV presenter

(Newser) - George Clooney has appeared in public for the first time with galpal Elisabetta Canalis at the Venice Film Festival, E! reports. The actor and the Italian TV presenter had been covertly observed frolicking at his Lake Como villa, but the Venice outing makes it official. A costar of Canalis’ says... More »

Moore Rips Tinseltown Moneybags at Film Fest

'I can pay for my own movies now,' boasts filmmaker

(Newser) - Lefty gadfly Michael Moore couldn't resist deriding the same well-heeled execs who bankrolled his latest movie at the Venice Film Festival yesterday. "One of the beautiful flaws of capitalism is they will use the rope you give them to hang themselves if you can make a buck," Moore... More »

Rourke Shines Again at Venice Film Festival

Ex-heartthrob stars in The Wrestler , which nabs Golden Lion

(Newser) - Former Hollywood bad boy Mickey Rourke returned to the spotlight yesterday when his latest low-budget film, The Wrestler, won top honors at the Venice film festival. Critics gushed over his performance as an aging wrestler who comes to terms with his failing body and flagging friendships. More »

Cate Blanchett, Brad Pitt Win Top Honors in Venice

Ang Lee's sexy thriller grabs Golden Lion

(Newser) - Cate Blanchett’s performance as the young Bob Dylan in the biopic 'I’m Not There' earned her the best actress award at the Venice Film Festival last night.. Ang Lee's controversial 'Lust, Caution' took the Golden Lion for best film and Brad Pitt won best actor for the title... More »

Blanchett 'Astonishing' as Dylan

From Venice film festival, British critic lauds unconventional bio

(Newser) - I'm Not There, director Todd Haynes' Bob Dylan biopic, has gained at least one fan in the Telegraph's David Gritten. More "symbolist poem" than conventional biography, the film portrays Dylan in various guises, including an 11-year-old black actor and Cate Blanchett in the film's "tour de force."... More »

Iraq War Pics Win Fans at Venice Festival

De Palma's Redacted and Jones vehicle Elah generate critical buzz

(Newser) - Films about the Iraq war are hits at the Venice Film Festival, Reuters reports. One critic calls Brian De Palma's Redacted, about the rape of an Iraqi girl by US soldiers, "truly a blow to the stomach." Others tout In the Valley of Elah, starring Tommy Lee Jones... More »

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