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On 6th Anniversary of Sandy Hook, a Nerve-Wracking Morning

Sandy Hook Elementary students sent home after bomb threat called in; it appears it was a hoax

(Newser) - The sixth anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting is a hard-enough day for the community of Newtown, Conn.—and it was made worse Friday morning by a bomb threat that forced Sandy Hook Elementary School to be evacuated. The Newtown Police Department says it was on the receiving end... More »

An Awful Anniversary Arrives on Wall Street

It's been 10 years since the collapse of Lehman and the start of the financial crisis

(Newser) - Saturday marks 10 years since the largest bankruptcy in American history, or what CNN calls "the most terrifying moment for business and the US economy since the Great Depression." It might feel like ancient history given today's surging economy. But the scars of Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy filing... More »

A Year Later, Charlottesville Braces for Trouble

State of emergency in effect as city marks one-year anniversary of racial violence

(Newser) - Sunday marks the one-year anniversary of the deadly racial violence in Charlottesville, Va., and city officials are trying to avoid any repeat. States of emergency have been declared for the city and the entire state, and downtown Charlottesville will be under heavy watch from city, state, and federal law enforcement... More »

On Francis' 5th Anniversary, Ex-Pope Sticks Up for Pontiff

Benedict XVI says it's 'foolish prejudice' to say dogma under Francis is 'adrift'

(Newser) - Pope Francis marked his fifth anniversary as pope Tuesday by receiving votes of confidence from his predecessor and from the current Vatican No. 2—as well as faithful around the globe—seeking to rebut criticism about his reform-minded papacy and encouraging him to push the envelope even further, per the... More »

A Car Crash, a Vanishing, Very Few Answers

Maura Murray's family is still searching for nursing student 13 years later

(Newser) - A mystery involving a missing 21-year-old New Hampshire woman is now entering its 14th year, but for the family of Maura Murray, the pain of each day is fresh. "It really isn't any better than it ever was," dad Fred Murray tells the Boston Globe , determined to... More »

50 Years Ago Today, 4 Awful Words: 'Fire in the Cockpit!'

3 NASA astronauts perished during testing for an Apollo 1 moon mission

(Newser) - "We have a fire in the cockpit!" were words no one expected during a routine test for what was to be a momentous space mission. But that was what horrified NASA personnel heard on Jan. 27, 1967, as three astronauts prepping for a flight to the moon... More »

Admission to National Parks Free for a Week

No cash needed April 16-24 to celebrate NPS' 100th anniversary

(Newser) - The National Park Service turns 100 this year, and to celebrate, the NPS is waiving entry fees to its national parks all of next week, Time reports. National Park Week runs April 16 through April 24, thanks to a joint effort by the NPS and National Park Foundation. "We... More »

What Day Job? Supreme Court's RBG Tries Acting

Ginsburg will have a cameo in 'The Merchant of Venice'

(Newser) - Art often imitates life, and that will ring true for none other than Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg this summer as she throws off her court garb and dons stage attire for her role in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, Vox reports. The 83-year-old justice's cameo appearance... More »

CEO's 'Saddest' Tweets Mark Twitter's 10th Birthday

Plus all the other celebrations accompanying this milestone event

(Newser) - Twitter is now a brash, confident, occasionally obnoxious tween. The social media site celebrates its 10th birthday Monday, remembering on its blog how it all started on March 21, 2006, with a single tweet by head Twitterer Jack Dorsey that read: "just setting up my twttr." "Thank... More »

A Single Photo Exists of Lennon With His Killer

Here's a look at coverage on the anniversary of the singer's murder

(Newser) - Today is the 35th anniversary of the day Mark David Chapman killed John Lennon outside the singer's New York City apartment building. A look around at the coverage:
  • A photographer took the only image of Chapman and Lennon together—just five hours before Chapman killed Lennon. He recounts the
... More »

We've Watched Jerry Springer's 'Freak Show' for 25 Years

'People aren't watching the show because they want to see me'

(Newser) - As his talk show celebrates its silver anniversary today, Jerry Springer didn't anticipate he'd be fighting back tears as he addressed his audience. "Know this," said the 71-year-old, who wore a tuxedo for the event, to his audience at The Jerry Springer Show. "There's... More »

100 Years Later, Armenia Remembers Mass Killings

But certain countries—notably Turkey and the US—still won't call it 'genocide'

(Newser) - Turkey may not recognize the killings of 1.5 million Armenians as genocide , but other world leaders do and are paying tribute to the 100th anniversary of the massacre today, the BBC reports. "We will never forget the tragedies that your people have endured," French President Francois Hollande... More »

Prince William's 3rd Anniversary Gift to Kate: $6K Watch

As they celebrate 'privately' today

(Newser) - It may feel like you've been hearing about Prince William and wife Kate for a thousand years, but they've only been married for three, as of today. And she got quite an anniversary gift, the Daily Mail reports: Wills gave her a Cartier watch that cost upward of... More »

Queen's Jubilee Year Cost UK Taxpayers $50.7M

That's an extra $1.4M more than the year prior

(Newser) - We're hoping that Britons enjoyed Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee year—because it ran taxpayers about $1.4 million more than the year before. The long-reigning monarch's official bottom line expenses came in at $50.7 million, according to royal finances. Where did the additional money go? Mainly... More »

40 Years Ago Today: World's 1st Cell Phone Call

NYC call was made on a 'brick'

(Newser) - Give someone a call on your smartphone today, and you'll be celebrating history: It's been 40 years since the first mobile phone call was made, the Guardian reports. That first call was placed by Motorola worker Martin Cooper in New York City on April 3, 1973, using a... More »

Adele Song, Documentary Mark 50 Years of Bond Films

Theme from upcoming movie is released

(Newser) - It's a big day for diehard James Bond fans. The franchise marks its 50th anniversary given the opening of Dr. No in London on October 5, 1962, reports Reuters . The 23rd film, Skyfall, debuts in the same city later this month, and Adele's theme song for it came... More »

Thousands Mark Egypt Revolution's Anniversary

Crowds gather in Tahrir Square to reflect on past year

(Newser) - It's been a year to the day since Egypt's revolution began, and thousands headed to Tahrir Square today to acknowledge that milestone—though for many, it wasn't a time to celebrate. While a Muslim Brotherhood stage noted "the first holiday," a stage run by young... More »

Civil War's Lessons Still Relevant 150 Years Later

Failure to compromise nearly destroyed the nation: Ken Burns

(Newser) - Today marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War, and Ken Burns thinks modern America is still learning its lessons. We like to boast of a post-racial world, for instance, but "we are continually brought up short by the old code words and disguised prejudice of... More »

Why JFK Endures —Despite Scant Record

Robert Dallek: As president, he didn't do much, but Americans love him

(Newser) - Not to besmirch JFK on the 50th anniversary of his inauguration, but Robert Dallek points out in Salon that Kennedy didn't accomplish all that much in his 1,000-day presidency. None of his major initiatives made it through Congress, and his foreign policy record isn't enough to explain the "... More »

Stop Denying It: the Civil War Was About Slavery

As anniversary approaches, EJ Dionne says we too often skirt slavery issue

(Newser) - We’re approaching the 150th anniversary of the Civil War’s beginning, and at a time like this, we can’t afford to forget its real cause. “There remains enormous denial over the fact that the central cause of the war was our national disagreement about race and slavery,... More »

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