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Migrant Nearly Makes Amazing Tunnel Hike Into England

Sudanese man dodges trains for 30 miles before arrest

(Newser) - A 40-year-old Sudanese man who walked 30 miles in darkness while avoiding search teams, security cameras, and speeding trains in an effort to cross the Channel Tunnel from France to Britain has become a polarizing figure in Europe's growing migrant crisis. The New York Times reports Abdul Haroun was... More »

Cold Stalls Eurostar Again

Passengers stuck for 2 hours in Chunnel, advised to stay home

(Newser) - Another Eurostar train got stuck in the Channel Tunnel again yesterday amid Britain's worst spell of winter weather in a generation. The train was towed out after 2 hours and Eurostar announced that services will be severely limited throughout the weekend. Passengers were urged to avoid non-essential travel, the AP... More »

Cold Strands 4 Trains Under English Channel

Eurostar cites 'severe problems,' sends rescue

(Newser) - Four passenger trains—and some 2,000 passengers—are stuck in the tunnel underneath the English Channel, due to “severe problems” caused by the combination of unseasonable cold outside and the warm air inside. At least three were bound from Paris to London, AFP reports, and, says a Eurostar... More »

Wanna Buy the Chunnel? Get it Now From Slash Gordon

Brown mounts $25.3B asset sale, including underwater rail link

(Newser) - British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is launching a massive $25.3 billion sell-off of Britain's assets, ranging from student loans to the Chunnel linking England and France, in order to reduce record deficits and maintain public expenditures. As the British election draws nearer, the Labor Party is attempting to burnish... More »

Eurotunnel Boasts First Profit

Debt-plagued cross-Channel rail company sees light at the end of the tunnel

(Newser) - Eurotunnel is in the black for the first time since the France-England tunnel opened in 1994, the BBC reports. The company says it has turned the corner after many troubled years, helped by a sweeping debt restructuring plan and the opening of a new high-speed rail link on the British... More »

London Unveils Hip Rail Station

St. Pancras gets a spruce-up, new high-speed link to the Chunnel

(Newser) - London's St. Pancras train station has gotten a nifty £800 million (nearly $1.7 billion) renovation and a new high-speed rail link to the Chunnel, the Times of London reports. Queen Elizabeth and assorted celebrities officially opened the new route last night with pomp and theatricals; the head of... More »

6 Stories