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If This Guy Wants a Shutdown, It Must Be Dumb

Reagan crony David Stockman wrong again

(Newser) - How do you know that shutting down the government is an absolutely terrible idea? Because David Stockman is for it, reasons Dee Dee Myers in Vanity Fair . “Bring it on!” declared Stockman, Ronald Reagan’s one-time budget guru, in a Daily Beast interview. “If the Republicans hold... More »

Bush's True Base Isn't the Right, It's the Rich

Business and wealthy have hijacked the GOP, argues new book

(Newser) - Don’t be fooled by the lip service to Christian conservatives: the interests the Bush administration serves are economic, not religious, Jonathan Chait writes in the “The Big Con,” a book that the Washington Monthly’s Kevin Drum calls the best on the long list of recent  Bush-bashers.... More »

2 Stories