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Recruiters Draw Students From Abroad, for a Price

Universities make more off international students; agents get kickbacks

(Newser) - More American universities are using recruiting agents to draw foreign students, and those middlemen are reaping the benefits—from both sides. One Chinese student paid $3,000 to a company that "suggested Ohio University might be the best for me," unaware that OU pays the company a $1,... More »

Gitmo Gears up for Terror Trials

US builds new courtroom complex at base

(Newser) - A high-security mobile courtroom complex is under construction at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base as officials prepare to  try 9/11 suspect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other high profile al-Qaeda figures. Military tribunals will try as many as 80 detainees at the complex, three at a time, Reuters reports. Critics complain... More »

2 Stories