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Wolfowitz Reportedly Back on the Market

Ex-World Bank president has lost both job and girlfriend

(Newser) - First the World Bank dumped him, and now Paul Wolfowitz is on the outs with girlfriend Shaha Riza, Page Six reports. "She was furious about the embarrassment," a source tells the Post, which says she resented implications she'd slept her way to the top. What's more, Riza didn't... More »

Wolfowitz Resigns From World Bank

White House yields; speculation on successor already lively

(Newser) - Paul Wolfowitz will leave the World Bank on June 30, capping a tumultuous two years for the development institution and its beleaguered president. Wolfowitz's tenure was marked by controversy from day one, when he assumed the office under the cloud of the Iraq war, until today, when a drawn-out ethics... More »

Wolfowitz Headed Out the Door

World Bank board negotiating terms of president's exit

(Newser) - Paul Wolfowitz may step down from the World Bank as early as today, CNNMoney reports.  Wolfowitz and the World Bank board are still wrangling over the terms of his departure, but early accounts suggest that the beleaguered president would leave voluntarily and the bank would admit some responsibility for... More »

Wolfowitz Blames Ethics Panel and Riza for His Woes

Calls her 'intractable' and 'extremely angry'

(Newser) - Paul Wolfowitz fought back aggressively in a written response to the charges that he mishandled a raise and promotion for his girlfriend, the Washington Post reports. The embattled World Bank president claims the ethics committee forced him to handle the transfer himself because Shaha Riza was "extremely angry and... More »

Bank Probe Slams Wolfowitz

(Newser) - World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz broke the bank's code of ethics, three bank rules and the terms of his own contract when he ordered pay raises and promotions for his girlfriend, a panel investigating his role concluded. The Financial Times details the withering report, which says Wolfowitz displayed "questionable... More »

No-Confidence Vote Looms For Wolfowitz

Endgame near as majority of bank board favors dismissal

(Newser) - The World Bank executive board plans to force Paul Wolfowitz out of his post as president this week, reports The Washington Post; they're hoping a vote of no-confidence will induce him to resign without having to risk angering the U.S. by firing him. More »

World Bank Fallout Runs Downhill

Longtime Wolfowitz aide steps down, citing Rizagate

(Newser) - A top Paul Wolfowitz adviser—and Bush administration loyalist—has announced his resignation from the World Bank, citing the fallout from the Shaha Riza scandal. Kevin Kellems, who met Wolfowitz when both were at the Pentagon, says he cannot be "effective" in the wake of accusations that the bank... More »

Wolfowitz Hints at Resignation

(Newser) - Besieged World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz suggested for the first time that he would resign his post—but only if he is first cleared of wrongdoing in ordering promotions and pay raises for his girlfriend Shaha Riza, reports the Wall Street Journal. A committee of the bank's board, investigating the... More »

Wolfowitz Hires Clinton Lawyer

Bennett comes to neocon's aid as former World Bank staff call for resignation

(Newser) - Paul Wolfowitz has hired Robert Bennett, Bill Clinton's counsel during the Paula Jones affair, to guide the besieged World Bank president through his own budding scandal. Bennett immediately dismissed talk of Wolfie's resignation, even after dozens of former staffers placed an ad in the Financial Times calling on him to... More »

Hitchens: Lay Off Wolfie!

(Newser) - Unflappable contrarian Chris Hitchens casts a sympathetic eye at beset World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz. Cries for Wolfowitz's resignation have crescendoed since revelations that he had a hand in getting his girlfriend, Shaha Riza, a big promotion at the poverty-fighting organization last year. More »

Wolves Circle Wolfowitz

Neocon World Bank president says he won't resign

(Newser) - Embattled World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz is hanging tough in the face of a crescendo of calls for his resignation after improperly promoting the interests of his live-in girlfriend. In a weekend of maneuvering, the bank's development committee offered no shelter, issuing a vague but harsh statement that the organization"... More »

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