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Sorry, Guys: Wives' Happiness Matters More

Study: If women are happy in marriage, men are happy, period

(Newser) - A new study of marriage by sociologists suggests that what Medical Daily calls an age-old "morsel of manly wisdom" is actually true: For men, "a happy wife is a happy life." Researchers from Rutgers and the University of Michigan found the following dynamic at play: If women... More »

Younger Husband Shortens Wife's Life

Danish study defies expectations

(Newser) - Having a young husband can reduce a woman's life expectancy, a new study says. Marriage stats have long shown that men with younger wives tend to live longer. Researchers had assumed the same held true for women—but a study of 2 million Danish couples showed otherwise, Science Daily reports.... More »

Women in Healthy Nations Prefer Metrosexual Look

Macho look popular in disease-plagued countries

(Newser) - Whether a woman finds herself attracted to big-jawed macho types or softer, more feminine-looking men may be a question of health. A new study of women in 30 countries found that those in places where life expectancy is low and disease rates are high, like Mexico, preferred men with masculine... More »

3 Stories