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Bitter, Frustrated S. Koreans Mourn Dead Ex-Prez

Anti-graft leader turned out to be just like corrupt colleagues

(Newser) - South Koreans spent the day yesterday mourning their former president, whose suicide left them sharply divided over his efforts to crush the very kind of corruption of which he was accused, the Los Angeles Times reports. “He was a two-faced person," said one researcher. “He set himself... More »

S. Korea Shocked by Death of Ex-Prez

(Newser) - South Koreans are reeling from news that former president Roh Moo-hyun has apparently killed himself, the BBC reports. Hundreds of mourners lined the streets as his body was transported to his hometown funeral. Crowds also gathered around Deoksu Palace in Seoul, presenting flowers and burning incense. "Don't be too... More »

S. Korean Ex-Prez Dies From Fall: Cops

Caught in $6M bribery probe, Roh left behind suicide note

(Newser) - Former South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun has died, presumably after a fall while mountain climbing, police say. A news report said a suicide note was found. The former leader suffered severe head injuries and died after being transported from his hometown of Gimhae to a hospital in the southern city... More »

Korea Chiefs to Launch Border-Busting Railway

Freight link to strengthen economic ties

(Newser) - In their latest step toward closer ties, the leaders of North and South Korea have agreed to establish a cross-border train system to strengthen economic connections. Beginning in December freight trains will follow a 16-mile track through the heavily patrolled border frontier to a joint industrial complex in North Korea's... More »

Korean Chiefs Sign Peace Pledge

Statement promises to work on peace accord, economic projects

(Newser) - In the culmination of the second summit ever in the history of their two nations, the leaders of South and North Korea signed a statement early today pledging to work toward a formal peace accord and join forces on economic projects. The South pledged to help develop a new highway... More »

Korea Summit Runs Into 'Wall of Mistrust'

South rejects North's offer to extend chilly talks

(Newser) - Saying that he felt a "wall of mistrust" in talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, the South Korean president, Roh Moo-hyu, has rejected Kim's invitation to extend the two leaders' summit, Reuters reports. News of the impasse comes as the US and North Korea, in separate talks, near... More »

South Korean Prez Meets Grim Kim in Historic Summit

Chilly Kim greets Roh in second summit ever

(Newser) - South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun crossed the border to be met by cheering crowds and grim-faced North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il in Pyongyang today for the second summit ever between the two countries. Roh hopes to make progress toward a permanent truce between the nations but won't broach the touchy... More »

End Iraq War? Korean War Isn't Over Yet

Bush and Roh spar about closure on 50-year-old conflict

(Newser) - President Bush got into an unusually undiplomatic tiff with South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun in Sidney today when the latter urged the US to declare a formal end to the Korean War that concluded with a truce—but no treaty—50 years ago. Bush said the US position is to... More »

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