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KFC Looks to Conquer Africa With Fried Chicken

Chain to open hundreds of restaurants in a dozen countries

(Newser) - Kentucky Fried Chicken wants to take over Africa. Like McDonald's and other fast-food giants, KFC parent company Yum Brands has been countering the slowdown in American spending with expansion overseas. Having populated China with KFC outlets, Yum now plans to double the number of stores in Africa to 1,200,... More »

China Loses Taste for Fast Food

Chinese revert to cheaper, healthier options amid recession

(Newser) - The dollar menu thrives when times are tough in the US, but in China—where Western fast food is no bargain—the American chains are facing tough competition. Price is the main sticking point, but not the only one. "It's fast food," one diner in Shanghai told... More »

Disney's Worldly Approach Makes HSM a Global Smash

(Newser) - The success of High School Musical 3 proves that 293 million tweens can't be wrong. The series’ third installment debuted No. 1 in 19 international markets, confirming Disney's success with a strategy that marries the franchise’s universal themes to local cultures, Time reports. “You weave it together, forming... More »

Outsourcing Still Alive and Well

Rising costs of business are more powerful than 'backshoring' trned

(Newser) - Reports of the death of outsourcing have been greatly exaggerated, three specialists in the field write in strategy+business. While a few big companies such as Dell and Apple have scaled back on customer service operations overseas, these decisions remain the exception to the rule, no matter what you read in... More »

Views on the Meltdown From Across the Pond

How Europe, but mostly England sees the crisis

(Newser) - The banking crisis isn’t limited to the US—it’s a cross-continental phenomenon. Here’s what the British press saying about the mood:
  • France and Germany are livid, reports Charles Wyplosz of the Financial Times. There, individualism isn’t seen as a virtue, and free markets are greeted with
... More »

Global Trade Talks Collapse

Breakdown halts seven years of progress to hammer out deal

(Newser) - World Trade Organization talks to forge a new global trade pact collapsed yesterday after seven years of negotiations. An EU spokesman called the breakdown a "massive blow to the confidence in the global economy." The talks fell apart as China and India demanded the authortity to impose "... More »

House OKs Trade Deal With Peru

Bill split Dems, who defied wishes of labor unions

(Newser) - Despite sharp criticism from labor leaders, environmentalists, and free-trade opponents, roughly half of House Democrats joined nearly all Republicans to pass a trade-liberalization agreement with Peru. Speaker Nancy Pelosi came out in favor of the deal, defying expectations that President Bush would find no friends for his trade policy in... More »

Indian 'Success Story' Funded by Migrants

Money mailed home makes possible Kerala's leftist showcase

(Newser) - The South Indian state of Kerala, long touted for achieving a high quality of life in the face of dire poverty, relies heavily on earnings sent from menial jobs abroad, the New York Times reports. Offered as a leftist alternative to market-driven development in poor nations, Kerala is famous for... More »

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