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Apple Unveils New Operating Systems

HealthKit, HomeKit, and Family Sharing among the changes

(Newser) - Apple fans, dig in: Company CEO Tim Cook today unveiled the new iOS 8 and OS X operating systems at Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. The software won't be out until fall, but behold a few highlights, beginning with iOS 8:
  • A HealthKit app is
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Apple Unveils New Macbook Pro, iOS 6

Tweaks include Siri upgrades, Facebook integration, map upgrades

(Newser) - Expectations were high going into Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco today, and the company didn't disappoint, rolling out a dramatic refresh of its MacBook Pro, and a new version of iOS brimming with new features. Here are the most important details: The New Macbook Pro
  • It'
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Steve Jobs Unveils iCloud, New iOS

Apple also unveils new version of Mac OS

(Newser) - Steve Jobs took a break from his medical leave to show off some major new Apple software today, including its hotly anticipated new cloud computing service. The service, predictably dubbed “iCloud,” lets users keep all manner of data online, including books, apps, and music, syncing it all across... More »

Google to Employees: Stop Using Windows

Ubiquitous OS seen as security risk

(Newser) - Google has had it with Windows. Ever since the company's Chinese operations were hacked in January, it's been trying to tighten up security, and the Microsoft OS is the first casualty, workers tell the Financial Times . “We're not doing any more Windows,” said one, “It's a security... More »

How to Buy a Laptop

Mossberg offers his annual shopping guide

(Newser) - It's time once again for Walt Mossberg's annual computer buying guide, in which the Wall Street Journal 's tech guru runs down the bare minimum the average person should know when buying a laptop. His advice:
  • Processors: Intel has a shiny new wave of Core chips, the i3, i5, and
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Coming Soon: Another, Mac-Like Apple Tablet

Company was working on it as it developed iPad

(Newser) - Not sold on Apple’s new iPad? Well, if the tech rumor mill is correct (assuming it isn’t completely busted from the leadup to last week’s unveiling), “Apple is pretty far along on work on second tablet device,” MG Siegler reports for TechCrunch . “A bigger... More »

Windows-to-Mac Software Should Scare Microsoft

Parallels' product makes choice of operating system less important

(Newser) - Conflicted about choosing sides in the apocalyptic showdown between Microsoft and Apple? No need to worry—in this brave new world, you can have your cake and eat it. Parallels is Mac software that allows users to seamlessly integrate Windows programs, even the entire desktop. So, for just $79.99—... More »

Gap Narrows, But Macs Still Beat PCs

Performance and price gaps close but Mac is still value

(Newser) - With Windows 7 and Mac’s Snow Leopard operating systems both available, it’s time for Walter S. Mossberg to drop some science on the arduous task of picking a computer. Things aren’t too different this time around: Macs are still more expensive, though “prices on Windows... More »

Pick an OS: Uncool Robots or Snooty Evangelists?

New Microsoft ads go for Mac-esque buzz—and fail laughably

(Newser) - Anyone who wants a computer faces an unpleasant choice: Mac OS or Windows. Now, Windows is “awful”— buggy, at times barely functional. But one expert would rather assign himself to Microsoft purgatory than join the club of snooty, self-satisfied cooler-than-thou Mac users. “Stop showing me your iPhone,... More »

Microsoft Should Throw a Rock Through Its Windows

Operating system needs a fresh start

(Newser) - The window on Microsoft’s operating system agility has closed, and to fix it, Randall Stross argues in the New York Times, the tech giant needs to start from scratch. Windows “has become an obese monolith built on an ancient frame,” Stross says, and it “seems to... More »

Mac OS X Grabs Record Market Share

Gains 3.56% over January, while Windows drops .36%

(Newser) - Apple's Mac OS X operating system grabbed a record 7.57% of market share in January, up 21.7% from the year before, Fortune's Apple 2.0 blog reports. The computer company’s share grew 3.56% over the course of December, while rival Microsoft Windows faced a .36% loss—... More »

MacBook Air: Beautiful, Compromised

It's sexy, it's skinny, but first reviewers say it's not for everyone

(Newser) - If thin is in, Apple’s new Air should be the hottest fashion this season. The new subnotebook weighs under 3 pounds and is three-quarters of an inch thick—at its deepest. Like all things Apple, Air’s beautiful, simple, and evokes technolust among geeks and non-geeks alike. But, say... More »

Apple Takes a Bite Out of the Competition

iPod maker replaces Microsoft as industry bully, monopolist

(Newser) - Apple has replaced Microsoft as the tech industry’s “biggest bully,” according to PC World. The iPod dynamo has shed its rebel rep and assumed Microsoft’s former mantle as a monopolist, copycat, and bully. “Bundling,” a tactic Microsoft used to tie together Windows and Internet... More »

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