Queen Elizabeth

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British Tabloid Shows Queen as Girl in Nazi Salute

Buckingham Palace angry at 'exploited' footage from early 1930s

(Newser) - Buckingham Palace is seething today at images in the Sun of a young Queen Elizabeth raising her hand in the Nazi salute. Rupert Murdoch's tabloid obtained a short film clip of the royal family horsing around in 1933 or 1934, when Elizabeth was about 7 years old. In the... More »

Kevin Spacey Is Now a British Knight, Almost

He's a foreigner, so you don't have to call him sir

(Newser) - The queen doled knighthoods and other honors today, with Kevin Spacey and Van Morrison among the notables on the list. Spacey, who is wrapping up a decade-long run as artistic director at London's Old Vic theater, received an honorary knighthood for his contributions to British culture, reports ITV . Because... More »

Queen: 'Enduring Love of Scotland' Will Unite UK

Leader of Scottish National Party resigns

(Newser) - The queen has officially weighed in on Scotland's rejection of independence —a rarity for her when it comes to current affairs, notes the Telegraph —and she's asking pro-UK Scottish residents and Brits not to gloat. She acknowledged the "strong feelings and contrasting emotions" involved in... More »

It's 'Dame' Angelina Jolie Now

Actress, UN envoy earns high British honor

(Newser) - Angelina Jolie picked up a major award yesterday, but one that has nothing to do with her acting. Queen Elizabeth named her an honorary dame for her humanitarian work, one of Britain's highest honors, reports the Guardian . The 39-year-old UN envoy was in London this week to chair a... More »

Queen Wrote This Speech in Case of Nuclear War

The enemy is 'the deadly power of abused technology'

(Newser) - Just how close did the world come to the brink of nuclear annihilation during the Cold War? So close that civil servants in the UK wrote a speech for Queen Elizabeth to deliver in the event of nuclear war. The speech has now been released thanks to the UK's... More »

Wee Prince Meets Royal Great-Grandma

As well as Uncle Harry, Aunt Pippa

(Newser) - No, sorry, we don't have a name yet—but we can tell you that the royal baby has met his royal great-grandmother, known to you commoners as Queen Elizabeth. She and Prince Harry met the babe this morning at London's Kensington Palace, Us reports. Potential names were probably... More »

Queen Gets $7.5M Raise

'Sovereign grant' set at $54.5M

(Newser) - Must be nice to be Queen Elizabeth: Taxpayers just gave her a $7.5 million raise. As the AP explains, taxpayer funds cover her official duties and travel, the running of her household, and the maintenance of the royal palaces, and the "sovereign grant" has been set at more... More »

If William, Kate Have Daughter, She'll Be 'Princess'

Queen announces rule change

(Newser) - Ever-so-important news: Prince William's forthcoming progeny with wife Kate, the Duchess Formerly Known as Middleton, will be a princess if it is indeed a girl. Queen Elizabeth made the announcement yesterday, People reports. For the past century, the somewhat confusing rule would have meant that William's daughter would... More »

Queen, Ex-IRA Chief Shake Hands

Queen Elizabeth, Martin McGuinness meet in Northern Ireland

(Newser) - A hugely symbolic moment of reconciliation occurred across the pond today, as Queen Elizabeth II shook hands with a former Irish Republican Army commander. The New York Times describes it as "one of the most anticipated gestures in recent Irish history," and the Times and the Telegraph prop... More »

Wills: Grandma Made Us Rip Up Wedding Guest List

Prince talks about Queen Elizabeth in new interview

(Newser) - When Prince William first started planning his wedding to Kate Middleton, he was handed the original guest list, with 777 names on it—"not one person I knew or Catherine knew," he reveals in an ITV1 documentary about Queen Elizabeth airing next month. He took the list to... More »

Spain's Queen Sofia Snubs Brit Jubilee Over Gibraltar

Nations in dispute now over fishing rights

(Newser) - Spain's Queen Sofia is dumping her planned trip to Britain to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee in a long-simmering snit over Gibraltar. It's "hardly appropriate" for Sofia, 73, to attend lunch at Windsor Castle tomorrow in light of the two nations' tensions over the territory, noted... More »

Prince William: You Don't Mess With Grandma

Wills, Harry talk Queen Elizabeth in rare interview

(Newser) - What’s it like to have Queen Elizabeth as your royal grandma? “'Behind closed doors, she's our grandmother, it's as simple as that,” Prince Harry tells Katie Couric in a rare interview on the subject. Even so, “As I learned from growing up, you... More »

Australia Man Greets Queen by Mooning Her

...and there was a flag involved

(Newser) - Queen Elizabeth saw more of Australia than she bargained for during her visit to Brisbane today. A construction worker gave the queen and her husband a long look at his rear end—which held an Australian flag between the cheeks—as he reportedly ran beside her motorcade for about 150... More »

Britain Hacks Queen's Budget

Bill also increases public audits to royal family's expenses

(Newser) - God might save the queen, but not from budget cuts and the government peeking at her checkbook, reports the Telegraph. The belt-tightening and increased transparency will ensure "value for money" for the royal institution, proponents say; others contend the changes will attack the dignity of monarchy. Under the Sovereign... More »

Brits Celebrate Queen's 85th Birthday

Annual Trooping the Colour ceremony salutes official birthday

(Newser) - Another British occasion, another display of crazy hats: London today rolled out the redcoats and bear-skin hats to fete Queen Elizabeth's 85th birthday—even though it's not her 85th birthday. The annual Trooping the Color ceremony, which dates from 1748, is held on a Saturday in June, when... More »

Obamas Hit By Dueling Royal 'Blunders'

Prez screws up toast to queen, Michelle dares to go bare (gasp)

(Newser) - President Obama just can’t catch a break in London. After screwing up the date in the Westminster Abbey guest book yesterday, Politico reports that he miscued while toasting Queen Elizabeth at last night’s Buckingham Palace state dinner. The orchestra, apparently believing he was finished with his remarks, started... More »

Obamas Meet William, Kate

US president, first lady welcomed at Buckingham Palace

(Newser) - The Obamas were grandly received at Buckingham Palace today, greeted by a 41-gun salute as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip welcomed them to London. Earlier in the day, the president and first lady had a chance to meet with Prince Charles and wife Camilla, as well as newlyweds Prince William... More »

Britain Sends Senior IRA Die-Hard Back to Prison

Tomorrow's arrival of Queen Elizabeth II has Ireland locking up alleged terrorists

(Newser) - In an exceptional move, Britain ordered a senior supporter of Irish Republican Army splinter groups to be sent back to prison today because of her alleged links to dissident threats against Queen Elizabeth II. Northern Ireland police rearrested 57-year-old Marian Price at a Londonderry courthouse after she received bail today;... More »

Charles Has Now Waited Longest to Ascend Throne

So ... congrats?

(Newser) - Prince Charles may be just No. 10 when it comes to good-looking royals , but he's No. 1 in another area: being next in line to the British throne. He set the record yesterday, at which point he had been the heir apparent for 59 years, two months, and 14... More »

Kate, Beware This Batty Crew

The Windsors are pretty wacky, says Christopher Hitchens

(Newser) - For those salivating over every bit of cake or gown drivel that oozes out of the royal wedding, Christopher Hitchens is here to rain on your parade. The "constitutional absurdity" (ie, monarchy) is getting ready to claim its latest victim, he writes in Slate, and Kate Middleton had best... More »

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