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Why a School Told Girls to Wear Longer Skirts

New Zealand school riles students, feminists

(Newser) - A New Zealand high school is telling girls to wear longer skirts so they don't "distract" teachers and male students, the Guardian reports. School official Cherith Telford called about 40 teenage students into an assembly at Henderson high school in Auckland and warned that any skirt that doesn'... More »

Chess Union Warns Women: No Cleavage

European Chess Union tells gals to button up

(Newser) - Maybe this classic Austin Powers scene has affected chess championship rules? Whatever the reason, the European Chess Union has ruled that female players will have to button their shirts from now on, Time reports. "Décolletés [the French word for cleavage] are partly covered in our regulations, which... More »

Student Booted for Minidress Wins $24K in Damages

Geisy Arruda compensated after thigh-high controversy

(Newser) - A Brazilian student briefly expelled from her university for wearing a dress officials deemed too short has been awarded $24,000 in damages. Geisy Arruda—whom school officials accused of having a flagrant lack of respect for ethical principles, academic dignity and morality—was readmitted to the Sao Paolo institution... More »

Student Expelled for Minidress

Brazilian school accuses woman of immorality in newspaper ads

(Newser) - A 20-year-old woman was expelled from a Brazilian university and accused of violating "ethical principles and academic dignity and morality" after wearing a short pink dress to class, the AP reports. Her expulsion comes a month after she was escorted off campus amid the heckling and cursing of her... More »

Bank of England Orders Its Women Into Heels, Lipstick

When in trouble, male execs turn to makeup

(Newser) - The battered Bank of England has ordered its female workers into heels and at the very least lipstick, igniting a firestorm of controversy. The institution, facing one of the worst economic slumps in history, took time out to hold a seminar teaching its women how to look "feminine" without... More »

Short Skirt Doesn't Fly at Southwest

'Family' airline asked co-ed to change out of revealing attire

(Newser) - A San Diego co-ed (and Hooters employee) nearly got kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for showing too much skin. A  flight attendant called Kyla Ebbert to the front of the plane and asked her to change out of her 'revealing attire' or take a later flight. Ebbert brokered a... More »

6 Stories