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Limbaugh: Obama and His Boys Are 'Sissies'

Gates, male liberals are 'the new castrati'

(Newser) - In a column for CNN, David Gergen wrote about how "ironic" it is that the advisers who "talked Obama into using force" against Moammar Gadhafi were all women. But Rush Limbaugh was not at all surprised by the fact that "leading male advisers were opposed." Referencing... More »

High C is a Drink Best Served Bold

Pavarotti had blend of talent, self-confidence to hit hard note

(Newser) - Pavarotti’s obits called him “King of the High C’s,” a nickname he earned for hitting a note that many tenors have to fake in falsetto. “It’s the absolute summit of technique,” says a coach. “More than anywhere else in your voice, you... More »

2 Stories